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Everfree: The Journey #68 by UnderwoodART Everfree: The Journey #68 :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 9 3 King and Queen Concepts 2 (Tale of Two Sisters) by UnderwoodART King and Queen Concepts 2 (Tale of Two Sisters) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 3 0 Pony Vent Art by UnderwoodART Pony Vent Art :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 1 Discord and Chambers 2 [The Tale of Two Sisters] by UnderwoodART Discord and Chambers 2 [The Tale of Two Sisters] :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 4 1 Dirge Profile Sketches (23-03-18) by UnderwoodART Dirge Profile Sketches (23-03-18) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 1 0 Everfree: Reawakening #02 by UnderwoodART Everfree: Reawakening #02 :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 7 3 Sugarcube Corner [Night Ver.] by UnderwoodART Sugarcube Corner [Night Ver.] :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 46 6 Everfree: Reawakening #01 by UnderwoodART Everfree: Reawakening #01 :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 7 3 Sugarcube Corner [Everfree: Reawakening] by UnderwoodART Sugarcube Corner [Everfree: Reawakening] :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 12 1 Ustiarius Concept Art [The Tale of Two Sisters] by UnderwoodART Ustiarius Concept Art [The Tale of Two Sisters] :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 4 1
The Tale of Two Sisters - Chapter 5
Escape from Canterlot
A thin, bird-like hand reached out from within the one-sided hole and curled its fingers around the corner of the frame.
“You're not Stella...” The King scowled, despite barely remaining conscious.
'Stella'?” The unknown voice had an echo to its words; its form still obscured behind the gaping archway. A second limb extended from the void, this time a paw, seemingly from an entirely different animal than the first. “I'm afraid not.”
The creature's head was next to pass through the gateway, unlike anything either of the ponies had seen before. Its face was long and vaguely horse-shaped, though not quite, with one large fang protruding from its grinning maw, and two asymmetrical horns of different shapes and colours. Now within the alicorn's range of focus and clearly not his lost love, the King deemed the unearthly form's approach aggressive, summoning magic to his horn once more, ready to expel the invad
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0
The Tale of Two Sisters - Chapter 4
The Best Laid Plans
Starswirl slowly exhaled as he stood before the large, white, gilded doors to the throne room, nervously waiting as the guardsponies opened them. What had once been a welcome pause to ready oneself for the King and Queen, had become a delay so nerve-wracking that he could almost hear the heavy bell of destiny tolling his final hour. Once a passable gap had been made, the court wizard squeezed through and took a few steps down the ornate red carpet that lead to the raised thrones.
“Your Lordship?” he tentatively asked, squinting at the distant pedestal as his words echoes to reach them. He would need to do something about his eyesight soon.
“His Highness, the King, has yet to leave his bedchambers this day,” one of the internal pair of guardsponies spoke up. “He wishes not to be disturbed.”
“I see, thank you.” Starswirl forced a brief, acknowledging smile before making his way towards the rear exit and
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 1 0
Everfree: The Fall - Chapter 7
Sadly Ever After
This room was disgusting. Mould lined the skirting boards, the floors and ceiling were warped and rotten, and dust was so encrusted into the fabrics that climbing onto the bed barely disturbed any of it. She didn't care. She deserved this. A useless pony in a useless house, just as abandoned as she was. She would never throw another party again. There was a sharp stab in her chest as she thought this, but the pain was less than before, numbed by the acceptance of her fate. This was her life now. Alone. Pained. Worthless.
Unexpected scratching at the door brought her mind back to reality with a start. Was it a monster? Timberwolves? Was this all an elaborate ruse by the small one? Had it left to get its friends a few hours ago? Was she about to become timber treats? Was this it? The end? A pause to the scratching and a few small whines stayed her paranoia. It sounded... sad. She rolled off the bed and walked to the door, crac
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0
Everfree: The Fall - Chapter 6
Silver Linings
Consciousness slowly returned to the pink pony as she felt something nudging against her head, as though she were being poked with a log. Where was she? Her memories were a blur after leaving the farm. She remembered the sun setting, the musky smell of damp leaves taking over, and an unbearable twisting pain in her stomach. She tried opening her eyes, but her vision was hazy, only able to make out basic shapes around her. She attempted to push herself off the ground, but gravity had other plans, leaving her legs feeling like tingly jelly.
Suddenly something white and soft bopped her in the face. Sluggishly recoiling in surprise as much as she could, a familiar scent filled her nostrils and prompted her to return to the object that assaulted her. It was... a mushroom? Not wanting to look gift food in the mouth, she extended her head forward and took a bite. It was good. No sooner had the first disappeared, before another one plopped o
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0
Everfree: The Fall - Chapter 5
Between a Rock Farm and a Hard Place
The Everfree Forest is a location of superstition and cautionary tales; an unnatural place where plants grow on their own and animals look after themselves. It has long been tradition that pegasi govern the weather in the skies, earth ponies plough the fields and clear the seasons, and unicorns raise the sun and the moon every day. Society has evolved since then, of course: pegasi  don't simply manage the weather, but create it with the advanced technology in their floating factories; earth ponies created tools and festivals to better their working of the land, fostering strong communities and a sense of pride in a job done by hoof; while the duty of raising the sun and moon passed on from unicorns as a whole to the alicorn nobility, leaving them to develop their magic, science, and high culture. But through it all, the Everfree Forest persisted; ever creeping forward, uncontrollable and unstoppable.
It would be a lie to say th
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0
Everfree: The Fall - Chapter 4
The Long Road Home
My friends don't like my parties and don't want to be my friends anymore. My friends don't like my parties and don't want to be my friends anymore. My friends don't like my parties and don't want to be my friends anymore,” Pinkie mumbled to herself, slumped in front of the balcony door on the upper floor of her room. She had run out of tears after a few hours of crying on her bed, but sleep had never come to take the pain away. The sun was setting, casting golden rays across a pastel pink face stained by stale tear streaks. Her tired eyes were framed by an unusually flat cascade of bright pink hair, while an uncommonly joyless atmosphere permeated the room.
“This is it, Gummy. If nopony likes my parties here, then... then we might as well leave.”
It was spoken as an empty threat, but the truth of it struck her before she had even finished the sentence. Gummy lay on the floor just behind Pinkie, looking up at her silhou
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0

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Sketchathon Backlog Progress:
05th - Starlight Glimmer and Pinkie Pie being cute and romantic together (Sabr3cat-1453) Bullet; Yellow
08th - Princess Skystar and Elsa from Frozen (jppiper, 2nd Request) :bulletyellow:
Work in Progress:
Pinkie Pie Live2D Model for FaceRig (Jan 11th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Red
3D model of Ask-Pink-Pony forest retreat (May 20th, 2017) - Paused :bulletred:
"Princess Ember" for EmerySnowtail (Sept 2017) - Painting :bulletyellow:
[Example Work for Overmare Studios] (Sept 16th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Red
Z'ian Turnaround (Oct 27th, 2017) - WIP :bulletyellow:
Tempest Shadow (Non-V-Costume) (Nov 4th, 2017) - WIP :bulletyellow:
[Patreon Reward] for EmerySnowtail (Nov, 2017) - Pending Request Bullet; Red
[Patreon Reward] for EmerySnowtail (Dec, 2017) - Pending Request Bullet; Red
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Pinkie 'thinking emoji' refinement (2nd May, 2018) - Pending Start Bullet; Red
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Personal Projects:
Dirge: The Chronicles of Midghar (Dec 24th, 2003) - Comic: Pending Reboot; Wiki: Rarely Bullet; Red
Everfree Comic (Feb 12th, 2014 to 20th Aug, 2018) - Page 68 - Ongoing, WIP Bullet; Green
Everfree Comic Reboot (May 19th, 2017 to Sept 5th, 2018) - Page 03 - Ongoing, WIP :bulletgreen:
ADRAX (Interactive RPG Blog) (July 29th, 2017 to Sept 5th, 2017) - Page 11 - Paused Bullet; Red
Everfree (Ask-Pink-Pony) Prequel Novella (Oct 15th, 2017 to July 25th, 2018) - Complete Bullet; Green
The Tale of Two Sisters Fanfiction (Oct 25th, 2017 to 15th Aug, 2018) - Chapter 6 - Proofreading :bulletgreen:
Notable Group Work:
Concept Artist for A Little Bit Different's "Ambient.White" (May, 2017 to Dec, 2017)
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