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These are just random ships I wanted to draw, I think I'm gonna do more of these. 

Rules are simple:

You must comment to adopt.
Do not claim the character is yours until you own it.
You may change appearance/gender/parents if you want to once the character belongs to you.
I have decided to start doing art request. Whether you want me to draw your favorite or original character(s) is all up to you.

If you want one you have to:

 watch me (optional)
 fav this
 comment your oc and give a little description, if you want c:

That's all!
So recently had the idea to start an AU for Zoophobia including a recent character like France and it's called the Lost and here's a brief summary of what it's about:

A long, long time ago, there was a secret lab built away from the city to create beings that were invincible to all.
A scientist named Dr. Grey who studied into the project more, creating and turning recent Zoophobians
into monsters known as Phobis. While working on his new project, he found that one of them was more
powerful than the other subjects: Subject F4 aka France.
France was always curious about the other side world and wished she could see it. That was until one day,
she seen how everyone there had came to be, and decided to run away from the lab. On her way of her adventure,
she met a snake named Nathan, and wolf shapeshifter named Teddy and what many had called
Unknowns, who'd she called N.
They'd became good friends along the way, trusting one another using their 
unique powers.
But, they all had something in common.....
Hopes and Dreams.

So that's basically the AU, so I hope you liked that brief summary and I might be making a book about it on wattpad, the link is at the bottom and that's about it.


The Lost AU- le moi

Jessie-le moi


16 years ago...

Mike was driving up to work along with Fritz, Jeremy, and Scott. As they drove, they saw a blockage not just any blockage, but a police one.

"What the hell?" Mike asked himself as a police officer came up towards the car as it came to a stop,"Is there a problem officer?" "State your business," the officer asked Mike.

"We were heading to work, ya know the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria?" He told the police as they'd sighed."Sorry boys, but the place has closed down due to an accident."

"Accident? What do you mean by an accident?" Jeremy asked as the officer sighed once more before giving the information.

"Well a body was found inside an really old animatronic suit. It was a total mess we had to clean up, but the victim was identified as a female in her 20's," he said.

"W-wait, Jessie was working t-the nightshift!" Scott said in shock,"Y-you don't k-know if..."

"Oh no."


Soon, the gang was in front of the restaurant gazing at the which they removed the suit out of the restaurant. "Jessie...," Mike said fighting back the tears in his eyes. Jeremy was sobbing as Scott comfort him.

"Mike, I'm gonna kill you!" A voice said from behind them as Mike turned to see an angered William (aka Vincent) coming towards him.

"This is your fault!" He said as Fritz and Scott tried to pull him back from lunging a punch at Mike,"If she hadn't done your fucking job, she would still be alive!"

"Vincent calm down! It's no one's fault, here!" Scott said, as Vincent calmed down to the point where he burst into tears,"Come on let's go see about her siblings."

The two of them disappeared followed by a crying Jeremy and a bumbed Fritz. Mike thought that maybe it was his fault. He plead Jessie to take his shift, so that he could take Doll on their date and she accepted. Maybe if he'd been there, it would have been him instead of her.



Linda and the gang had the night shift. Harry had brought music, Charles brought magazines, Kayla brought along anime, and Violet had brought along snacks with all to pass the time.

As the arrived into the office, they spotted a clown like animatronic suit just sitting in the corner,"Eek!" Kayla said hiding behind Harry as she was frightened by the suit.

"Don't worry, Kay, it's old and it probably doesn't function anymore," Harry explained to her as they entered the room.

Later on, as time passed, Kayla watched as Violet playfully kept poking the animatronic,"Violet, I don't think you should be doing that!" Kayla warned her.

"Relax, it's not gonna do anything....I hope,"Violet whispered the last part under her breathe as Kayla gulped scouted over away from the curious girl and the scary looking animatronic.

Soon, Violet got bored of poking and decided to head over to the cameras of where Linda had been,"Whatcha doing?"

"Violet, no."

"I didn't get a chance to ask yet!" Violet protested with her." You're planning to turn on that fucking animatronic, aren't you?"

"Noooo," she said with a obvious smiled that she did plan to do so as Linda rolled her eyes,"Okay fine."

Violet went back over towards the animatronic as she sighed,"Don't worry I've got a plan," she whispered to it as if it would've replied. She pulled out her phone charger and tried find and outlet.

With success, she plugged in the charger and tried finding the robot's inlet and with that she successfully found it and plugged the other end in.

Soon, the animatronic's started making a circuit noise as Violet's eyes widen with joy though her hopes were crushed when the robot didn't respond.

"Well that was a fucking waste of my time," she said as she started to get up, but suddenly it's eyes flung open making it scream.


To be continued....
Sara was walking along the sidewalks as she felt the cold snow making squishing noises as she walked. It made her smile as she could remember the cold weather of Snowdin, where she had met her friend, Jake. Her smile widen at the thought of their first meeting.


Sara had been walking in the snow as she'd been walking in the cold weather of Snowdin. Her mothers had been too busy watching after her little sister, Sabrina, that they didn't notice their eldest had decided to leave the house without their permission. 

She giggled at the thought of them freaking out and probably asking Asgore to hand up missing posters all over the Underground stating her disappearance. Though, she had no idea of where she was heading to, all she wanted to do now was to have some fun without the unfitting noise of a baby crying.

She hopped ad hopped until she suddenly fell face first into the freezing snow,"Mmm!" she said muffling into the snow. She lifted herself up as she looked among her surroundings scratching her head,"Wait a sec!" she said with a surprised face,"Where's my hat?!"

She looked around once more hoping to find it until she had seen it on the ground about 3 feet away from her. As she went to go retrieve it, it started moving to the right.

Sara blinked in disbelief as she tried again, but then having it move to the left,"Oh come on you stupid hat!" she said angrily as the hat started 'running' away,"Hey come back here hat! Hat!" she yelled running after it.

As she ran, following the hat, she noticed a small white tail and ears. It was a dog. An annoying one to be exact."Hey you dumb dog! Give me back my hat!" she yelled as she picked up her pace.

But, then she accidentally, bumped into someone, falling down with a 'thud'."Ugh," her and the person she bumped into said in unison. As the two of them got up, the dog jumped into who seemed like a young skeleton,"Hey, you!" she said to them getting their attention.

"Is that your dog?!" she asked them with an angered expression."W−well I guess y−you can say that," he said shyly. She looked down towards the dog that had her hat in its mouth. She then tried her best to get her hat from the dog, pulling and tugging on it,"Give it back you dumb dog!" she said as the dog still had that annoying look on his face.

She let go and pouted as she looked up towards the boy,"Aren't you going to something about your dog?!" she asked him as he gave a confused look. She face palmed herself,"Aren't you gonna do something about this or do I have to get the idea of you getting the hat from the stupid dog in that small skull of yours?!" she shouted at him as she made an angered face towards him as she confused expression turn into a sad one.

She heard a few whimpers from him as small tears came upon his eyes making her sighed,"That's just great. Now you're making me feel guilty with that little face of yours," she said rolling her eyes,"Look I'm sorry, now could you please help me get my hat back."

"Y-you have to s-say it like you m-mean it," he said as he tried to wipe away his tears. Sara sighed,"I'm sorry, my mother didn't teach me to act that way. I'm Sara and I'm sorry for making you cry."

"It's okay, I-I accept your apology, I'm Jake by the way," he said as the two of them shook hands. As they release, Jake held his hand out in front of the dog.

Suddenly, the dog dropped her hat in his hand and gave it to her,"Oh thanks Jake!" she said as she placed a kiss to his skull."Aww It was nothing. Sorry about AD here, I hope your hat's okay," he said.

"Yeah it'll be fine. You know Jake, you're really kind," she said make him blush,"You wanna be friends? I mean you don't-""Friends?!" he said excitedly cutting her off,"I'd be happy to, Sara," he said hugging her.

"Hahaha...please no hugging," she said making him make a sad face," Okay, maybe just this once." He smiled and gave her another hug,"Since we're friends now, you wanna play?" he asked her as she nodded. The two of them played and played until it was time to go home, promising one another to do the same thing the next day.

=End of Flashback=
Aladdin was walking down the sidewalk with a purple pinkish flower in hand, having a bright and wide smile on his face. Why you may ask? Just this morning his saw the same flower in the family flower garden and wanted to give it to someone special.

His lovely, but violent crush, Kitty Cup. Though, the many warnings of his brother, and friends, he'd never listened. Sometimes they'd say 'you really shouldn't fall for the first person you see at school' or 'do you really have a reason to like her that much?'

But, Aladdin didn't really listen much, all he wanted to do now was deliver the beautiful flower to her and see her smile for the most she'd ever did, well maybe for the first time for her not smiling so evily that is.

He continued down the path when he caught sight of an familiar rival of his talking with his one true love. His frown soon turned upside down and he started going up towards the two.

Soon, the two noticed him and sighed as he approached them,"Hello Aladdin," Steven said rolling his eyes. Aladdin glared at him,"My kitten, is he bothering you?'' he asked Kitty.

"For the last time, I'm not your anything," she said palming her forehead," Second, Stageplay here is my friend and one of my minions per say, he's not the one BOTHERING me here."

Aladdin rose a brow still keeping a sharp glare on the spoiled kid as Steven let out a sigh," Look clown boy, my boss doesn't want anything to do with you. So why don't you run along and play for your lame excuse for friends," he said having a smug smile on his face.

Kitty stiffened a giggle as Aladdin made a low growl, then after remembering why he came this way in the first place as he looked down towards the flower in his hand," Oh I almost forgot, kitten my dear I've brought you this beautiful flower that reminded me of you," he said extending his hand that held the flower.

Kitty grabbed it from his hand and looked at it momentarily before looking up back towards him, raising a brow,"Um...Thanks I guess," she said earning a smile from him.

Steven rolled his eyes," Boss, me and the Domino twins have succeed in finding the materials big boss wanted," he stated to Kitty as she shown a big cheshire cat smile.

"Oh! Is this like a mission?! I want to come to!" Aladdin said having a wide grin on his face."Dear boy this is for mature people and-""But you're eight."

Triggered by that, Steven glared at him," Well dear sir, I'm very mature for my age and very capable to rip you apart," he said making Aladdin roll his eyes in disbelief.

"Whatever you say short stack.""Short stack?!" "Would you two stop with this bull shit!"

"He threatened me!"
"He insulted me!"

"Hey I've got an idea, how bout you both shut the fuck up and stop arguing!" she hissed at them as she took a deep breathe,"look Al, if you want to go really badly, I'll accept it, but on one condition....Stageplay here will go with you."


"And no funny business. You two will go tomorrow in the afternoon, and don't be late!" she said before retreating into her house. 'Great. Now I'm stuck with short stack here.'
Jester sat still as she peeked behind the curtains back stage, watching the police taking Mike to the hospital. She sighed as she sat in a corner with her knees pulled up to her chest.

It was merely hours since Mike's incident, it brought her back to hurtful memories about her friend from when the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was ever created. She felt tears stream down her mechanical cheeks. "I'm s-sorry, Mike I could have helped.." She whispered to herself thinking back towards the mere hours.


It was Mike's shift tonight and with being all night with the animatronics he'd hated so much, certainly this was going to be an long night. Though, the best part was seeing Jester's joyful smile every five nights. Currently, he was checking the cameras as usual when he heard a knock the metal door to his left,"Mikey~" a familiar voice said to him from the other side.

Mike got up and pushed the 'open' button as it made the metallic door open revealing the energetic clown animatronic,"Explain to me why they included a clown in a kids restaurant again?"

"Well, this suit has naturally been here like forever even before the first fucking pizzeria, so how the fuck am I supposed to know, Mike," she said flinging her arms in the air. Mike smirked as he motioned her to come in.

"Mike, when will I ever meet your friends? You know the Jeremy, Scott, and Fritz guys?" She asked him as she sat near the swiveled chair next to him making him look over towards her,"Aren't I enough, Clowny?" He playfully said.

"Well yeah, but all that talk about me meeting your friends and family shit is making me wonder if you really want me to. Don't you trust me, Mikey?" She asked him.

"Well sure Clowny-""Jessie.""Jessie, I trust you alot, it's just that I'm afraid Fazfuck will ruin the fucking greet-and-meet shit," he explained. Jester rolled her eyes,"Well Freddy, isn't really himself at least that's what I've been told."

"What do ya mean, Clowny?" He said looking back towards the cameras,"I think their possessed or something like that. Cause sometimes I see small children and they follow me like ducklings would with their mother."

"Well, the ghost children things might think that you're their fucking mom," he said playfully making Jester playfully punch his arm though to him it was like she threw all her might into it," 'Oooo mommy Jester's here, let's follow her like complete stalkers'" he mocked.

She laughed quietly as she held her hand towards her mouth. Then, suddenly the two of them heard running,"What the hell is that?" He asked."Don't worry, Mikey, I'll go see what it is," she said.

She stood from her spot and went into the halls right after taking Mike's security hat from him,"Hey!" He said huffing. She walked into the halls making sure of her 'friends' didn't notice her. She creeped through the halls peeking to she if any of them to see if they were active.

She saw Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie on stage. She sighed as she creeped her way over to Pirate's cove where Foxy had been. She'd peeked to see if he was peeking, but to her surprise he wasn't. She took a deep breathe and carefully went over towards the curtains.

She was scared shit and really hoped that he was inside in sleep mode. She pulled back the purple curtain that had light blue stars on them to reveal that he wasn't there. 'Shit!!' She thought to herself.


She jolted at the scream as she started running back towards the security office,"Mike!! Mikey!!" She said calling out to him as she came into the room only to find that he laid on the floor blood flowing off from his head and down to the floor,"M-Mike?" Tears formed in her eyes as she ran over towards the phone on the desk, calling 9-1-1.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"H-hello, yes please could you come quick there's been an incident at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria."

"Ok dear calm down, tell your name and the person or problem who's in danger."

"My name is Jessie and Mr. Mike has been badly injured on the job, please come quick!"

"Okay sweetie help is on the way."

~End of Flashback~

It was silent in the pizzeria. Jester cried and cried until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jolted and looked up to she a lady with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes,"M-Ma'am?" She asked Jester.

"W-who are you?" She asked the lady not sure if she wanted to run away or hug her,"My name's Doll, I'm Mike's wife. I know you were a good friend of Mike and the doctors said he was gonna be okay."

"It's all my fault, if I hadn't left his side-"

"It wasn't your fault, you were doing something a good friend would do and I appreciate that, Ms. Jester." Jester smiled at Doll wiping away her tears as she got up and hugged her.

"I'm glad to be his friend."
Coco was still amazed and a bit confused at the same time. Was this Kitty Cup really her sister? If so, how did she even become this mean? It still lingered in her head as she went to school.

"Hey Coco!" A familiar voice said. As she turned around she could see her friend, Aladdin and his brother, Parry, as they came her way along with Coraline, Fuzzy, Fraise, and  Aqua.

"Heya guys!" She said greeting them as they all began walking towards the school doors,"That lady was really a big bully popping our ball," Fraise said folding her arms as she pouted.

"Hey come on shug, at least she doesn't go to school with us," Fuzzy said as she patted Fraise's head. Fuzzy spoke too soon as the group saw the same girl responsible for the inflated ball incident.

"Fuzzy!" Fraise said as she glared at her for jinxing it, making Fuzzy nervously laugh."I'm sure she won't notice-"

Fuzzy was cut off by Fraise covering her mouth,"Don't. Jinx. It," she said as she removed her hands."T-that's the bully?" Aladdin asked staring towards Kitty.

"Yes, Al, so don't try to tick her off," Parry said,"She's really mean and-" "Beautiful, she's so pretty," Aladdin said smiling a lovesick grin avoiding his brother's warning,"I'm gonna go talk to that lovely lady."

"Al! Don't!" Coco said trying to keep the little Clown genie from causing any trouble with Kitty."I know where this gonna end, shugs, let's make like a tree, and leave, agreed?" Fuzzy said to them as they nodded and went inside.

Meanwhile, Aladdin was heading towards Kitty's direction as Kitty just sat there watching as he approached,"What the hell do you want?" She asked him.

He gave her a bit of a smirk as grabbed her hand and kissed it,"What the-""Hello m'lady," he said as he winked at her,"I'm Aladdin, but you can call me yours~, Kitty."

"Are you really this stupid? Do you really know who the hell I am?" She asked him,"This is my school, I run this school, I'm like the queen."

"Well, every queen needs a king~" Kitty glared furiously at him just wanting to slap the crap out of him, and she got her wish as she slapped him across his face.

"I'll give you more than a fucking slap if you think you can talk to me like that, dumbass!" She said stomping away from him.

"What a woman!" He said rubbing his cheek.
As said, Mugman was going to introduce Kitty to her family members and their children. Kitty had been walking with Mugs to Elder Kettle's house, so that she could meet them,"Why the hell did I ever agree to this," Kitty complained.

Mugs chuckled,"Come on Kitty, the family's gonna love you!" He said. Kitty rolled her eyes,"Yeah when I'm dead," Kitty whispered to herself. They finally arrived as Mugs knocked on the front door. Soon, the door was opened by a girl who looked almost similar to her, but had browm hair, wore light pink jumper and had on  a pink and white skirt.

"Hiya Uncle Mugs!" The girl said as she gave him a sudden hug. Kitty stood in her place waiting for her introduction,"Oh who's this?" The girl asked, but all Kitty did was look to the side,"Come on inside," the girl said gestured for them to come in.

The two of them went inside as the room was filled with a few unfamiliar faces and a bit of familiar ones. She even spotted someone she didn't really want to see. EVER.

But for the sake of her uncle, she'll try to keep calm,"Ok Kitty why don't you go introduce yourself to everyone while i go and help Maria with the cooking," Mug stated as she nodded while he went into the kitchen. Kitty looked around to see a couple of kids outside playing,'Hehe suckers!' She thought as she thought it was a good idea to go and mess with them.

Just as she was about to go over towards them, a hand was placed on her shoulder causing her to jolt,"Hey there!" It was the same girl from before,"I never got your name, I'm Coco swirl, what's your name?"

"I wouldn't put my hand on me if I were you, so if you're planning on keeping that hand of yours I suggest you remove it....NOW,"Kitty told her as Coco slowly removed her hand from Kitty's shoulder,"Good thinking."

Kitty had walked away from the girl as she went outsude towards the group of kids. As she stopped, the ball rolled over to her feet, a kid who looked much like a dice and wore a bow, a orange shirt, a skirt that looked much of a deck a cards said,"Hey could you pass the ball please?!"

Kitty looked at it momentarily and back at the girl smiling and stepping on it.


Was the sound the ball made as its air was blowing out of it,"Oops looks like you don't have a ball to play with anymore," Kitty said laughing as she went back inside the house.
"Wow who brought the party pooper to the party?" Coraline asked looking at the now inflated ball.
"Big sis, she burst the ball!" Fraise said to her half sister, Fuzzy.

"Nothin' we can do about it now, shug. I guess we could play another game, before dinner's ready," Fuzzy said joining group surrounding the inflated ball," Tag you're it!" Fuzzy said tagging Parry.

Soon, the group was back to playing and having fun with one another as Kitty peaked out the window watching them play a game of tag as she made a pouting face,"Losers."

"Who?" Kitty turned around facing Coco,"Them," Kitty said pointing out to the group she had encountered moments ago. "Hey those are my friends!" Coco said as Kitty rolled her eyes.

"Well that makes you a bigger loser,"Kitty said laughing.

"Am not."

"Are not."


"Am too," Kitty sang.

"Am not!" Coco argued.

Suddenly, a blast accidentally came from Coco's finger accidentally hitting Kitty's straw. Both of them stood in shock, Mugman had checked and and saw the girls both standing there.

He looked closely and saw that Kitty was in mere shock as well was Coco,"Oh no." "I-I'm so s-sorry! I didn't mean-" Coco said as she tried to explain to Kitty that it was mere accident,"I'm sorry."

"You're gonna get it now, Swirly!!" Kitty yelled and was about to attack Coco when Cuphead jumped in, holding back Kitty's punch as also holding her in the air.

"D-dad!" The two girls said in unison. Coco gave a 'what' face,"Hey Pops! Put me down!" Kitty said struggling trying to break free,"Kitty, what has gotten into you two?!"

"She started it!" Kitty argued still struggling to break free."No! She went and popped my friends' ball and called them all losers, especially me," Coco protest. Cuphead looked over at Kitty who gave him an angry look.

Cuphead released Kitty as he said,"Kitty...go home." Kitty pouted as she stomped her way towards the door,"See you at school, swirly," Kitty whispered as she headed out the door and went home.

"What am I going to do with her?" Cuphead said to himself sighing as he felt a tug on his arm,"Dad?" Cuphead looked over towards his daughter,"Is that my sister?" She said as Cuphead sighed and nodded. Coco jolted as she gulped in surprise, if it weren't for her Dad she would've been beaten to a pulp.

Coco scared thought,'W-wait?! That bully is my sister?!'
(Picture up top)
Kitty Cup(Daughter of Cuphead and Misty(my oc)) Age: 14


She didn't mean to be one, but she was anyway. Picking fights with others or around her age. She even picked arguments with the grown ups. She hadn't had much friends because of this or much family to talk to her about it.

Her name was Kitty Cup. Her mother died trying to safe her father's life. Mostly, she blamed Cuphead for what happened to her mother and everytime she heard or see hi, she would want to beat the crap out of him. But, she knew it wasn't going to bring her mother back.

But two of her family members, Elder Kettle and Mugman, were there for her whenever, even if she didn't want the company as much.

Kitty sat there in the house, her mother once lived in, alone watching many of the kids her age playing ball as they'd made sure not to get near the house that kept the bully inside.

Kitty grew angry and folded her arms glaring at the children,"Those punks have some nervous playing in front of my house," she pouted. She then smiled,"I'll show them who's boss."

She said rolling up her sleeves as she went towards the front door and slamming it open,"HEY!!! What are you bastards doing near my house!!"

"Ahhh it's her!!" One of the children said letting the ball bounce onto his head then the ground."Let's get out pf her guys!"

Then, they all started scattering and running for the hills as Kitty started shooting her red blasters at them, hitting one of them making them jump up and continue to run.

As soon as they were gone, Kitty started laughing making her hold onto her stomach,"Those...idiots! They're so easy to mess with."

"Who?" A familiar voice said from beside a distance from her. It was Elder Kettle,"Now Kitty, you know that doing these foolish things to othersis never the way to make friends," he said to her.

Kitty nervously laughed as she rubbed her arm,"Sorry Grandpa Kettle, I was just having a bit of fun.""That is not fun for them though. One day, your actions will harm someone."

Kitty rolled her eyes,"But, it didn't," she protested. "As your guardian and caretaker, it is my job that you don't follow that path."

"Wow I can't imagination how mom got to put up with you, Gramps,"she joked making Kettle huff. "Really dear I don't want you to follow up in your father's footsteps. Boy the mistakes ge made."

"I'm tired of hearing about him, could we please jist change the topic," she said pretendung to yawn as Kettle sighed,"Did Mugman come here?" He asked.

"Yeah it was a couple of days ago, he keep saying the same things you been saying to me, 'Oh you need to be more careful of you're decisions' or 'You'll never get friends by being a bully to everyone'." She said mocking the words Mugs had told her.

"Did he say anything else?" Kettle asked her."Well he did said something about my pops being remarried and having a daughter. What's her name again? Coco swirl? Funny name," she said heading back towards the front door.

"Well, my dear, Kitty Cup is an unusual name, as well," Kettle said following behide her as she turned around glaring at him opening the door.

"Anyway, he also said that he had a wife also and two daughters, Aqua and Coraline. He said that someday he would want me to meet them, I didn't care so I said,'by all means do' and I guess he decided that someday was two days from now." She explained to him as she sat in a redish recliner chair.

"Ah little Aqua and Coraline are coming over? No wonder you got the place so spick and spand," he said taking a seat in the rocking chair. It was true, the hosue looked more neat than before.

Kitty pouted as she slouched in the recliner she sat in,"Maybe you really do care about first impressions, young lady."

"N-no not t-this bully, I-I'm not just doing it f-for their being, it's because I don't care," she said still pouting.

"Alroght alright, but I still think you're gonna make a really good impression," he said tiredly.

"This bully don't care about nothing," she said yawning,"Nothing."
It was cold and I could barely keep my siblings warm, but they were warming up a bit. But it wasn't enough. They knew it was my fault that mom was dead and we were on the run. The only place we could turn to was the woods; where we felt safe and sound. We ran out of the house too quick to get supplies.

I could have done something to prevent her dying, but I was too scared to do so, and I let him kill her, I let her down, I let my siblings down, and I let myself down. But, what matters is that they are safe from harm's way. It wasn't fair to me or them. Soon, they began to get hungry and I looked around for any nearby abandoned houses or anyone who could help.

But, there weren't anything, only a source of light coming from afar. That's where we found hope and fear had went away as I picked up the baby as he was walking and I held onto my younger siblings' hands as we rushed to the source of light.

That's when we found out that it was a mansion. 'Thank you,' I thought to myself as we went to the door knocking on the door," Hello? Hello!" that's when the door opened. I knew that it was rude to just go into someone's home without permission, but they needed to survive, they're all I've got.

So we went inside as I told them to sit down onto the beautifully white couch that sat in the middle of the living room," I'm going to see if there's anything for you guys to eat and maybe somewhere for you to sleep also," they nodded in agreement as I went into the kitchen looking into the fridge.

There was surprisingly food was inside. As I searched for some ingredients to cook with, I was shocked as I looked into a jar stepping back,' What the hell?!' I thought to myself as I picked up the jar setting it on the counter,'Why the hell would someone keep their kidneys in the jar?! And also why so many?'

I was frightened a bit as I put it back into the fridge and just forgot about the horrible thought. After I finished cooking, I found in a room where the dining room was and told them to take a seat while I set down their plates. We said our prayers before we took a bit of the food, afterwards eating. 

I helped the baby, or toddler at least, with his food as the other two were finishing their plates. As I was the first to finish, I searched for where they could sleep. I went upstairs and took a look at the room doors. One was pink, another was green.

Soon, I came across double doors,'Maybe the people who once lived here, worked at home, since their house was literally in the woods,'I stated as I went inside.

It was really dark, so I searched for a light switch. Luckily, I did and everything was visible to me as I walked over to the office desk. It was...something I wouldn't imagine whenever I used a small crate for the use of drawing.

Then, there was another pair of doors with a huge circle that was 'X' out of,"Guessing someone had made a mistake in decorating their room door,' I exclaimed.

I opened the doors to see that it lend to a bedroom at which the bed had velvet bed sheets and the pillows were laced with beautiful red fabric," Nice bed, and it very big. Big enough to fit all four of us," I said to myself.

Afterwards, I went back upstairs with my siblings into the same double doors that lend to the room I explored earlier. We went inside towards the bedroom where the huge bed had lied. 

"Furanshisu?" My sister, Layla asked me," What if the bad man comes and find us again?""They won't I promise," I told as I set dear Ame on the bed while he was asleep. The other two had came into the bed along with the as I watched them cover themselves up with the velvet sheets," Are you not going to sleep?" Lily asked.

I shook my head," I'll get to sleep after you do," I told her as she nodded and laid her head on one of the pillows. After a few minutes, they were asleep. I got up from the edge of the bed and went out of the room.

Soon, I was back in the office. I decided that I should explore a little more, that's when I saw the painting. It had six strange looking figures that had not any facial features, that is two did. I shrugged the thought of them and went downstairs back into the kitchen. I knew it was late, but I wanted a snack.

That's when I was going through the fridge when I found...CHEESECAKE!!!! My favorite! I grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and found  a knife with the name,'Jeff' carved on the handle. I thought nothing of it and cut a piece of the cheesecake and going to the living room to enjoy it.


Hoodie was sniffing the air as he walked with his partner, Masky," What the hell are you doing?" Masky asked him as he was still stiffing the air," I smell something," Hoodie said to him. Then, he stopped," What is it?"

"Someone's been in our cheesecake," he claimed as Masky let out a gasp.
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Note: This Chapter is from a book I've been making on Wattpad, you could view it for the rest of the chapters, but here's one of the chapters. Wattpad account: Undertale-Sokemo

Enjoy the story~

P.S. The story is mostly about next gen characters.

Jester was just wondering around the Pizzeria being careful that the others wouldn't be able to see her. It has been a few years now that her friends haven't seen her, could they miss her? Did they try looking for her? Did they just give up the search?

All these questions ran through her mind and what about her siblings? Mindy? Jacob? Sometimes she was able to get out of the Pizzeria to see them undetected. She knew that Mindy ran away because of Jester not being there anymore. And Jacob being alone at home with no one, but the silence in the house.

She did admit that she did miss her siblings, but what about her new friends? Freddy? Foxy? Chica? Bonnie? Toy Freddy? Toy Chica? Toy Bonnie? Mangle? Puppet? G. Freddy? After sometime, Springtrap asked her did she missed them and she would reply with 'No' or 'They'll be fine without me."

But she admitted to herself that she did. Even though they were the cause of her being in the robotic body she was in, she had to thank them. Thank them for their friendship, for the being there for here and thank them for her being able to find love again.

She was just about to get back to her new room with Springtrap, when she heard footsteps. She quickly tried to find a hiding place and was successful. Where she hide she heard talking," Hey Screwy?" A voice said.

"Aye Freddy?" The another voice asked. Freddy? Jester thought thinking about her very good, but protective friend. Could Freddy be here? But who was Screwy?

"I'm pretty sure this isn't we're not supposed to be going," Freddy said.

"Aye it isn't, but ye know a pirate be wantin' to have ye some adventure, am ye right?" She said she as she posted into her piratey pose.

"But we can't be here remember?!" Freddy said. Jester wanted to know why they were here she really did, but Springtrap told her if she goes out not to be seen. But she was so curious, she had to take a peak. As she peaked, the one she thought was Freddy, wasn't, they had yellow fur, and orange feet.

So she rose from her spot, and walked towards another spot trying not to make a sound. As soon she was away from them, she took a sigh of relief," I finally got away, but...who were they?" She asked herself rubbing the back of her neck in confusion.

"Jester?" A voice said behind her. She turned around to see it was just Springtrap,"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah of course silly! W-why wouldn't I be?" She said nervously. She looked to see that Springtrap wasn't buying it," hey how bout we go into the security office! Oh I can't wait to scare Mick and the others!"

"Ugh I don't think I-I can because um I-I'm working on a new project how about you go ahead," he said.

"S-sure okay I'll see you later?" He nodded and Jester went in the direction of the security office.

🔸Screwy's POV🔸

Me and Freddy thought that we heard a noise, but I checked nothin be there,"it's nothin' ye be hearin' things, now come on we be going, there's nothin here," I said," I be thinking we get back before ye folks be worried."

We went back and didn't bother going back. As we got there, we saw ye friends practicing for ye show for thee lil ones. The first one to us was that scallywag of ye cousin of ye mine.

"Oh hey Freddy! Oh and um you," that be Cinnamon Roll, I hate that scallywag,"where have you guys been?"

"That be none of ye business," I said clutching ye fist, but then I let out a sigh and calmed down. Lil Ira came up to Freddy and gave me and him a hug, but of course we hugged ye back.

"I missed you guys! Hey Freddy could you help me with my pizza training, I think this one is really gonna do it this time!" She said excitedly.

"Sure thing Ira let's go!" He said heading towards the kitchen. I went to my stage where I practiced until it 12:00, and you know that our friends would be coming.

We ye be heading there before our folks trying to get to them, we be their guardians after all.

🔸 Jester's POV 🔸

Finally, good thing I remembered where it was or else I was gonna be bored out of my mind. I could hear footsteps from the other side, Guys?? I thought with confusion. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a chill when do my endo-skeleton,"Jessie?" I turned around to see it was Puppet. She gave me and go squeeze and pulled out," where have you've been?! We were worried about you and thought you were dead!"

I stood there silently as sh wanted for me to answer. What seemed like almost hours, I had said," Heyyyy Marionette, uh what are you doing here?" I said nervously.

"Jester. Where have you've been?" She asked calmly and I was a bit nervous,but glad to see her again. I could feel tears stream down my cheeks as she hugged me once again.

"Please d-don't get mad at me," I said sobbing.

"Why would I want to be mad at you, you're back," she asked pulled us out of the hug," you can tell me."

"O-okay well when I disappeared, well Hehe kidnapped, I was with....Springtrap. B-but it's okay because for sometime he said he fell in love with me once again. At first, I didn't know what he meant by that but then I did," I stopped taking a breathe.

"You've been with Springtrap? Why didn't you come back?" She asked.

"Because I thought that you all would think little of me, because I do love him back! Please don't make me leave him," I said pleading.

"If you love him, Jessie, then there's nothing we could do to stop love. And your pat of our family, we would never think little of you. I accept it, but I don't know how'll the others would react and especially Freddy," she said.

"We don't have to tell him, we could keep it our selves just between you and me okay?"

"Yeah okay."

"Now could I ask you something?"

"And that is?"

"I saw a yellow bear-like animatronic, did the pizzeria get new ones?"

"No that's Freddy Junior, Chica and Freddy's son."

"Animatronics can have children?"

"Hehe yeah but not how humans do. So you can build a young version animatronic and the male and female animatronic both give a piece of the motherboard to that animatronic, then turn them on and boom you two have a child."

"Hahaha Puppet thank you for that dramatic effect for that explaination. I was going to try to scare Mike, but I know him and his stupid puns."

"Tell me about it, but he's not here anymore, but some new security guards are inside."

"Noo why?! I gonna miss scaring him! Ugh! It's not gonna be the same!"

"It's good to have you back, Jessie."

Ira/Damian/Cinnamon Roll/Aero/Freddy Jr.-Palettepainter

Jester-le moi

Springtrap-Scott Cawton
Afton : Mage / King
Mage of Power

Jester: Mage/Royal Clown
Mage of Love and Laughter

Ennard: Mage/traveler
Mage of Creation

Baby: Mage/Performer
Mage of Happiness

Ballora: Mage/performer
Mage of Perfection

Freddy "FT": Mage / performer
Mage of  Sirens

Foxy "Funtime ": Mage/performer
Mage of Animal Magic

Bon Bon: Mage /training
Mage of water and ice

Bonnet: Mage/training
Mage of Beauty

CC the Mummer: Mage/????
Mage of Witchery and Dark Magic

Puppeteer "Puppet": Mage/???
Mage of Puppetry

Blustreakgirl "Blu": Mage/artist
Mage of Recreation

Springtrap: Mage/???
Mage of Shadows

*If you have anyone else I could add that would be great*