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You Did Good by UndertaleSokemo You Did Good by UndertaleSokemo
Jesse had came to the sister location where he had snuck into unseen. He did what was done. He had burned the 3rd location, Fazbear Fright's, to the ground along with his phantom friends. It was a task that was given to him by his headmaster, Ennard. Jesse went into the room beyond the scooping room looking for him as he called his name," Mr. Ennard? Ennard!"

He called out to him, but received no answer from him. Jesse had sighed and sat down on the floor awaiting his master. Soon, he heard laughter coming from above him," You've came dear boy."

"Yes, sir," Jesse replied to his remark. Ennard came up towards Jesse as he saw fear and discomfort in his eyes,"Have you've completed the task, dear boy."

"Yes, sir, and I have came to make a request about it," Jesse told him fidgeting with his showable metal fingers. Ennard raised his brow as he waited for him to respond," My friends. The phantoms there. Why did they have to go?"
He asked him.

"Dear boy, you gave up your friendship towards those dear animatronics you call friends, just to do a simple task for me."

"Yes, but they were my friends and-," Jesse was cut off by Ennard gripping him by his collar," Friends?! You betrayed them dear Jesse and you expect them to forgive you?!"

Jesse could feel tears form in his eyes as Ennard released him," And your sister," Jesse froze," What about your dear sister, Jesse. What if she found out about what you'd been doing-"

"She doesn't have to find out!" Jesse blurted interrupting the mangled up animatronic,"She never has to because you're not going to tell her!"

"And who says I won't. When I get that beautiful opportunity to just let it slip out. You're a traitor, Jesse," Ennard said to him,"You lied to everyone you've ever cared about. Your mother, your father, your friends, and your sister. Do you think they'll forgive you now?"

Jesse held his head down as he knew Ennard was right about all of those things. And now, his friends, mother and father, were gone forever. All he had now was his sister.

"N-no," Jesse said as he looked up at Ennard. Ennard grinned and patted the animatronic's shoulder," I think I could accept you living here alongside your sister. Maybe she'll find out in an easier way."

"Thank you, sir," Jesse said to him. Ennard showed of a evily grin as he said," Just did good."
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December 26, 2017
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