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Undertale: Sakura Lucifer by UndertaleSokemo Undertale: Sakura Lucifer by UndertaleSokemo
"With all do respect, I should expect to receive the repect as a princess deserves."

Name: Sakura Lucifer
Siblings: Lotus (younger sister), Sokemo (younger sister), Raven (younger brother)
Occupation: Sacred Guardian, traveller
Soul: Perseverance

Sakura is above all the oldest of her younger siblings. Sakura is an determined, highly matured, affectionated young lady.

When she was very young, she was determined to discover what the world above was like. She planned a whole list on what she had to do to be able to handle the things on the surface.

Sakura is very mature other like her siblings, who are below her level. She tends to mock them of their low standards and her being able to rule her own kingdom, The Sacred Flower Grounds, where the flower people live.

Sakura is loved by her and her former subjects, as to the subjects loving her presence more than her siblings.


Sakura and her siblings don't really get along well with each other, competing with one another, seeing who is better than the other.

Sakura adores Sapphire and the talent she shares. She loves the time she spends with her when she visits the hell palace when she has the chance to.

Sakura acts motherly to both Shadow and Pip. Whenever she visits, she voluntarily watches over the two while Sapphire is out on tour.

Sapphire sees Konami as an bad influence and a disgrace for an angel. Though, Nami attempts to do anything to get her to see that he is worthy of being an angel and a good influence towards others.

Sakura can't describe the way she feels for her niece and nephew, Skeley and Jamie, since she's never had any before. Though, she acts of another mother towards the two and might end up spoiling the two.

Sakura literally HATES Manny since he's married to her younger sister, Sokemo. Shee has heard of the past relationship Sokemo had with a certain flame monster and only wishes to protect her.

Pip/ Sapphire/ Shadow- Palettepainter

Sakura/ Sokemo/ Raven/ Lotus-le moi

Manny- Grim Fandango
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