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Undertale: Itsy-Bitsy Spider by UndertaleSokemo Undertale: Itsy-Bitsy Spider by UndertaleSokemo
"I dare you to freakin' sing that song, do it and I'll rip your mouth off..."

Name: Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Parents: Muffet(adopted)
Likes: Monster candy, Ice cream, Rain coats, Music, Designing clothes, rain
Personality: rebellious


Itsy is an outgoing, rebellious monster who listens to no one. She's encourages her sister, Amber(Palettepainter), in her work and so does amber with her. Itsy really hates it when people make fun of her name and starts singing the well known nursery rhyme. She's very protective and is willing to do so.

Itsy isn't very shy nor social probably in between. She really doesn't enjoys her cousins company sometimes whenever she gets the chance to hang with them. If she isn't with them, you'll find her on top of any roof listening to hardcore rock music, her personal favorite. Though she never shows it, she really likes her cousins' love and affection they give to her whenever she comes around.


Itsy really loves helping and being with her new When she was at the orphanage, she was really the troublemaker and would often get into trouble a lot. She'd kinda be like the total emo she is towards new monsters that came to the orphanage. When Muffet came along, Muffet understood what she had been going through and Itsy felt happy whenever Muffet came to the orphanage. One day, Muffet came with Amber and Itsy was confused as to why she wanted to adopted her, but she was happy that she did so.

Itsy and Amber are like best friends. The two share a beautiful art of clothing design. Sometimes, Amber would make Itsy Rain coats and sweaters with designs of raindrops on them. Itsy loves her sister very much and follow her like a little puppy wherever she goes.

Itsy and Skeley are close friends and often be seen taking a walk around the park or going to the beach, together as the of best friends, although, Itsy has taking a liking to Skeley, she doesn't want to admit to the feeling, but she knows that when she's near her heart skips a beat.

Itsy and Ghastablook are co workers and BFFs. Their love of music gives the two the magic of Djing and raving up parties at night clubs and dance parties.
DropFoxPlaysGalaxy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The itsy-bitsy spider, climbed up the waterspout! Down came the rain and washed the spider out!
And now she's gonna rip my big mouth out, all because I sang about a spider who climbed a waterspout!Sweating a little...    
Palettepainter Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017
Amber got a sister now, good job Soke :)
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