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UT US and UF Skeley by UndertaleSokemo UT US and UF Skeley by UndertaleSokemo
1. UT Skeley or Tangerine: Skeley is smart, shy, and funny. She is sometimes shy to new people, but once she gets to know them, she's all of her social traits. She is an amazing daughter towards her mother and uncle. She helps anyone and everyone. But she tends to get shy towards her mother's friends and their children except for Sabrina, Sara, Coal, Jake and Impact. Especially Impact.

2. US Skeley or Orange: She is smart, Socially towards others and has an amazing sense of humor. She tends to get out of hand when it come to meeting new people, she would often squeeze them into a hug. She is very protective of her mother since she hasn't have a care in the world other than her uncle who just doesn't show any emotions at all except happiness, sadness and anger. She however enjoys every minute with her crush, Impact. She'll often protect her and keep her from any harm whatsoever.

3. UF Skeley or Grape: She is evil, socially awkward, and is sarcastic. So she basically hates everyone and everything. She mostly just hangs around strangers and talks in hands or mainly become a stalker. She seems to find her happiness with some people she calls 'frienemies', such as Sabrina, Sara, Coal, Jake and Impact.
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October 1, 2017
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