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Sabrina Dreameer by UndertaleSokemo Sabrina Dreameer by UndertaleSokemo
I'mName: Sabrina Dreameer


Parents: Chara, Frisk

Birthplace: Snowdin

Place of residence: Surface

Occupation: Waitress

Sabrina is just an normal girl with demonic abilities since her mother was a genocidal killing child. Sabrina is very creative and intelligent​. Though she is not popular with many of the kids at school like her sister, Sara, she tends to spend her time with the friends. Sabrina loves to learn and is a fast learner than the other teens at her school, so many of them would ask her for help with studying or homework. Like a stalker she tends to follow wherever her crush would go without him knowing she's there.

Sabrina works as a waitress at her Aunt Muffet's Cafe where Muffet would sell human and monster sweets there. She doesn't mind it when Muffet asks her to do hard tasks as long as she doesn't embarrass herself if the tasks tends to get out of hand. Sometimes her family would visit her to she how's she's doing or Sara would be there to tease her.


When she was younger, Sabrina was close to her mothers and still is! But as she got older and a part-time job, she doesn't have the time to stop and talk. But once in a while, she tends to stay and chat for a bit. Sabrina really cares about her parents about their problems that might happen.

Sabrina doesn't really get along really well with her older sister. Sara tends to tease and/or push her around, but sometimes she tends to protect and stick up for her sibling. Yes they indeed have their sad sibling moments,and they might fight, but they both adore and love each other. Sara would could her a nerd. They have fights once in a while, but afterwards they apologize and everything is back to normal.

Now Sabrina's crush is Coal(Palettepainter)! She tends to stalker him whenever he's teching out on his phone. The two are close friends and tends to hang out after school sometimes. Sabrina blushes sometimes whenever he makes a post on 'Snapchat' with them hanging out. Whenever he's alone or whether with Amber, she'll tag along or stay and chat.
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July 26, 2017
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