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Older Jess the Clown by UndertaleSokemo Older Jess the Clown by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Jess Clown
Parents: Ennard and Jester
Sibling(s): Baby, Ballora, F. Freddy and F. Foxy
Personality: Kind, Funny, and Loner
Likes: Ice cream, siblings, inventions, chocolate, Stuffed Freddy, and pizza
Dislikes: lessons, F. Foxy being in his room, Dark rooms, and studies
Occupation: Mechanic
Talent: Inventing, Cooking, Jokes

Jess doesn't talk much, so he tends to be alone in his room sometimes when he needs to think, get ideas of inventions or relieve of stress. He doesn't have to be able to talk to be kind, because he tends to help whenever there's someone in need of help. Whenever any of his siblings are sad or angry, he would find a way to be able to keep them calm with either doing a trick or doing some kind of dance. Sometimes at night, Jess and Baby would eat ice cream for a late night snack(Jess prefers chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla). And sometime F.Freddy and Foxy would ask him to make pizza for dinner. Once in a while, Ennard would teach the children lessons, and Jess think they are just a waste of time, but they can be of help to him sometimes. He hates it when F.Foxy goes in his room too, because Foxy tends to forget her things in there.

*So that's that about him*

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July 22, 2017
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