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Mystery Skulls next gen.:Midori by UndertaleSokemo Mystery Skulls next gen.:Midori by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Midori
Parents: Shiromori
Abilities: tracking other life essence through flowers, travel underground, regenerative healing in secs of battle, super strength
Built: Tall
Likes: flowers, gardening, apples, tea
Nicknames: Dori, Tasukeru

Midori is strong, generous, and calm. Throughout her life and training, she has learned many things from humans and demons alike. Apart from her super strength, Midori is very dependent and would tend to help others if in trouble. Many children, not adults, have seen her and would often call her the,'lady who helps others,' or Tanin o tasukeru josei or Tasukeru for short.

Midori is very generous towards others. She would find the total kindness in her heart and give it all per person/animap she might come by from giving her ramen to the homeless to helping her mother in whatever she needs of her.

Despite of her mother, Midori is well around calming. She's mostly like this because of her lifestyle of being what she is today. So there's a less likely chance you get to see her angry, but if you do, please I recommend you hide in your home for the rest of your life.


Midori loves her mother very much and would do anything to show her that there's other ways of handling whatever she has against Mystery.

Although Mystery doesn't trust her, he feels as if she differs a lot of her mother. Midori really wants to gains Mystery's trust even though it means hiding secrets from him.

Calm as Midori is, she doesn't mind Amy questioning her able every single detail about her like where did you come from to are you really a girl? With all respect, Midori loves how Amy wants to know so much about her, and thinks that Amy is just curious as a friend.

Midori and Donatello are more of just co workers since they are apart of a secret group no one knows about. But, to put it as a friendly way, Midori adores Don's intelligence as much as she loves her herbal tea.

Midori doesn't know how to fell able about Zyro, but she has seen and heard it from many humans that it is called love. So she tends to get him things that might satisfy his evil needs such as getting him books of spells.
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