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Konami Angel by UndertaleSokemo Konami Angel by UndertaleSokemo
"I maybe an Angel, but that doesn't mean i can't go out to parties!"

Name:Konami Angel
Parents:Jesus(or Jess), Martha(died)
Abilities: float, fly, angelic siren screech, harp wave
Likes: Coconuts, pie, reading, flowers, gardening, rule breaking
Siblings: Eli Angel(younger brother)
Nicknames: Angel, Nami

*Will write bio later*

Edit: I'm ready to write this bio.


Konami is a kind hearted angel, but with a mind of a child. He's very childish and tends to play around in serious situations. He loves to play around and very much tend to get on your nerves a bit. But, a royalty, he takes his duties seriously. One of his duties is helping Sokemo with her duties as princess of the underworld. As this duty, he will do everything in his heart and mind to get Soke to do her duties.

As a young as he was, his mother was assassinated on Christmas Eve by an unknown figure. He still remembers the day as he searches for the mysterious assassinater for when he does, let's just say that angels have dark sides, too.


Konami loves his family and tends to try and send every single moment they can get. Nami and his father both share a loves for reading and gardening, so the two tend to go out on Earth and grow a few flowers of their own.

Nami and his brother get along very well, you can say that they are best friends from the same family.But sometimes, Nami and his brother do have their disagreements, but they are easily solve through pie.

Since Soke and Nami are cousins and share a love for rule breaking, the two caused mishaps back when they were young. But, as they grew up, they had to take care of duties. But, you may see the two trying to make the world's biggest pie once in a while.

Nami and Raven are mostly rivals. The two try to pull pranks on one another, so you may see Raven's eye brows shaved off and Nami's pants with a lot of holes in them.

Nami and Shadow are good friends, though, Shadow tends to try and get Nami out of his childish habits. Though, Shadow likes the fact that he tries to take care of Soke very often as much as he gets to.

Nami/Sokemo/Eli/Jess/Martha/Raven-le moi

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