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Grim Fandango Next gen.: Donatello by UndertaleSokemo Grim Fandango Next gen.: Donatello by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Donatello Hurley
Age: 16
Parents: Domino Hurley
Built: Tall
Species: Skeleton
Occupation: Reporter
Likes: writing, reading, parties
Nicknames: Donny, Don, Boss


Donatello is the kind of guy who's smart, charming, and a great friend. When he was 8, his dad brought him into the work of being in the Department Of Dead. But, as he got older, he found the work of reporters interesting. As smart as he was, he could get anyone to fess up on the juicy details of every event that is/was going to happen.

Donatello is a very charming guy and often flirts with every girl he sees. He's very charming from pulling out a chair to getting a date from a lovely lady. Though, he gets into trouble with their guys.As the years gone by, he has been a great friend to the prince, Jamie, and a couple of his co workers.


Him and his father don't really have much of a stable relationship with each other due to his father's secret 'work', he only wants his father to see that he's doing good in his act of bringing the news to the people.

Vincent is one of Don's closest friends. Don goes and pays his friend a visit and takes pictures of his friend's work and publishing it in the newspapers even though his comments are enough to enlighten Vincent.

Don is friends with Roxie. Don loves how the gal fixes his coffee just at the right temp and the two often have a well around chat whenever Don visits the plain cafe through his morning cup of joe.

Don and James, it's much of a friend to foe, foe to friend kind of relationship with these two. They two try to pull each other's leg off (figure of speech they dont literally did that) and afterwards enjoy a good book of choice. So it's more of an on-off friend relationship.

Skeley and Don are best friends, though the two love to throw flirtful comments at one another from pick-up lines to sex puns. Though, Manny would often send a glare at Don whenever they're with each other.

Jamie and Don are best friends ever since they've met and had a few play dates here and there. Though, now, the two really find it hard to stay friends due to Don having a job and Jamie being a prince and all.


Skeley/Jamie/Donatello-le moi
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