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FNAF Nextgen.: Jam by UndertaleSokemo FNAF Nextgen.: Jam by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Jam Clown
Parents: Toy Jester, Balloon Boy
Siblings: PJ
Species: Animatronic
Build: short, skinny
Likes: Ice cream, games, dancing, balloons


Jam is curious, fun loving, and energetic. She is very curious about everything she comes into contact from what toast is to what's a sun. Mostly, she was built to accompany PJ whenever he became lonely at home.

She is a fun loving rule breaker. She could be singing and dancing on stage and make balloons as far as balloon animals. She breaks the rules she doesn't even know that they exist. At times, she can be serious, but when it comes to having fun, she's full of energy.


Jam loves her parents even though she doesn't understand the word, she truly is attached to them.

Jam truly adores her brother. She finds everything he does adorable though he might not like being called adorable or cute. She's often seen with him and is mostly a lost puppy following him around.

Though she doesn't understands it, she has grown to fall in love with Jesse. Her new friends often tries to explain her that she certainly has a crush on him.

Jam doesn't really like Damian. She really hates it when he and Jesse are alone, she'll try and be the three wheel on many of their activities they send togther. Damian hates when she breaks many of the rules in the pizzeria, so she really does do it often to try and strike one of his nerves.

Jam, Ira, Screwy, and Jessie are best friends. Jam loves their company and has learned a few new tricks of rule breaking from Screwy, how to make flower crowns from Ira, and puns and pranks from Jessie. Jam thunks of them as sisters she's has been meaning to have.

Jam, Aero, Cinnamon roll, and Freddy Jr. are more like BFFs. She adores how calm Aero is, enjoys Cinnamon's beauty tips, and Freddy's cooking skills.

Jam/PJ/Toy jester/Jesse/Jessie jr.-le moi

Damian/Cinnamon roll/ Freddy jr./Aero/Screwy/Ira-Palettepainter
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December 14, 2017
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