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Did you miss me? by UndertaleSokemo Did you miss me? by UndertaleSokemo
*So yeah I had a dream after reading the SAD comics and I had a dream where Springtrap and Jester met once again and Deliah met her for the first time and so she invited her to stay at her house. So then they had dinner and stuff and so this what happened......*

Jester had volunteered to do the dishes since they had let her stay in their home when suddenly she heard a familiar voice....

???:Why did you come here?

She turned to see that it was Springtrap...

Jester: Hiya Mister Springtrap I didn't know you were going to be down here.

Springtrap: You didn't answer my question....Why did you come here?

Jester: Well I thought hey if you were in the neighborhood why not pay you a visit and-

Suddenly Springtrap pinned her to the wall where she hesitated to try and escape.

Springtrap: Why did you come here, Jessie?

Jester: Um.... Mister Springtrap I.... I would like to.... finish up the dishes.... please?

Springtrap: You missed me.... didn't you?

Jester: Yes, yes I did. I wanted to see you again. I did miss you and-

*Both kissed*

Springtrap: Lucky for you.... I missed you too.

Jester: Oh!!! Mister Springtrap you're so mean! 😣

Springtrap: Hehehehe you fall for it every time.

Jester: 😡

*I feel so ashamed 😩 *
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