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Cuphead next gen: Steven Stageplay by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead next gen: Steven Stageplay by UndertaleSokemo
"Life is my stage, darling, and you shouldn't be on it."

Name: Steven Stageplay
Parents: Sally Stageplay, and husband(her husband has no name at all so yeah)
Abilities: acting, dancing, singing, baking
Attacks: conga line commotion, fan bombs, twisty roundabout
Species: human
Likes: sweets, fame, fans, theatre shows, soap operas
Nicknames: Steve, SS, Banana hair


Steven is a sassy and bossy type of guy, however he's also protective of anyone who gains his trust and vares for everyone as his plays give enlightenment to many.

Steven is very strict about anything and he thinks that they could do it a bit better as they did before. As a boss of Stageplay theater, he highly is above all and wants everyone to follow his rules as given.


As a child, his parents spoils him into giving and getting him anything he wants though he loves his parents very dearly and pays them with all do respect.

Steven is mostly apart of Kitty's bully gang and listens to any of her commands given to him, although, he respects her and acts of a friend towards her.

Steven highly despises Coco of her happy abd cheerful character. Though, Coco really wants to befriend him, Steven really wishes for her to wake up and smell the roses.

Steven often tries to make Bluebell join the crew although due to social activity she wishes not to get involved with anyhting that has to do with Kitty, though Steven loves to call Bluebell his friend apart from his commands of not to.

Steven often wishes for Aladdin to leave his boss alone, basically because he will want to put him on a restraining order on him, but mostly because his hates his guts. Although, Steve adores his brother, Parry's character apart from his.

Steven adores Parry not because of his character, but for being a good friend to him although they do have their disagreements, Parry accepts Steven for who he wishes to be.

Steven to be a certain bunny dice's friend although they are two different kind of people, he wishes that would not get in the way of her accepting his friendship towards her.

Steven is like a little brother who's protecting his older sister towards Fraise and highly wishes that he could be a bit like her when he's at her age. He really adores the girl and loves to pull the 'I'm taller than you' trick whenever she has trouble with high places.

Steven and Aqua have their differences and they highly recommend that they wosh to stay enemies since Steven highly takes Kitty's side of things.

Though, he's very much respects that Coraline wants to befriend Kitty, though he really wishes for her to stop trying to put her trust into her and avoid her whenever she gets sad or angry.

Steven is mostly Kev's bully and oftenly tries to mock him of his abilites of ever being a great boxer, though Kev pushes aside the insults and tries to befriend the boy instead of trying to become an enemy, he wishes to become his friend.


Kitty/Coraline/Fuzzy/Kev/Aladdin-le moi
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