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Cuphead next gen: Kitty Cup by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead next gen: Kitty Cup by UndertaleSokemo
"Look pal, if ya gonna start a fight, count me in."

Name: Kitty Cup
Abilities: cooking, cleaning, excellent shooting, great at fighting
Attacks: blasters, tail whip, straw canon( can remove straw from head and use as canon), Milk regeneration, kitty phase( can turn into a cat cup)
Age: 15
Parents: Cuphead and Misty Cat(Died)
Likes: picking fights, milk, yarn, ice cream, being left alone
Species: Cat-Cup hybrid
Nicknames: Kitten, kitty-cat, Kiddy cup

Kitty is a loner, short-tempered, tough and cool acting kind a gal. She lives in her mother's old house, instead of with her father and his wife, just to get away from much people, she has a couple of 'keep out' and 'go away' signs near the house. The only person she'll ever let in is Elder Kettle.

Kitty isn't much of a gal who wants to meet everyone she sees, she normally makes enemies wherever she goes. She often gets into fights or would come home with bruises and chips of her cup. Elder Kettle is quite worried and would often try to call Cuphead about this, but Kitty insists that he doesn't.

Kitty is very short tempered and does get pissed off by the tiniest thing that she wouldn't like. This mostly is the cause if some of the fights she tends to get into. But, sometimes her temper comes in hand went busting up badies.

She tendingly acts tough and cool acting anything she wants, which is all the time. But, deep inside, she's shattered and heartbroken when it comes to her alone time. Though, she shrugs it off and holds it in all inside, keeping it bottled up.


Kitty loved and adored her mother even though many things she nagged at her about fights, he mother felt proud of her for becoming strong and independent at times. Kitty dearly misses her and blames her father for leaving her and being selfish. The two really much don't have much of a stable relationship.

Elder Kettle is much of a guardian towards Kitty and much thinks Misty would have wanted him to watch over her fighter. Kettle much tries to convince her that fighting doesn't solve much problems in the world, kitty feels grateful that he's looking out for her, but seems that he's not letting her let out her full strength.

Kitty often gets a visit from her Uncle Mugman, but mostly their talk doesn't really tend to be a face-to-face conversation. Though, Kitty is grateful that she has someone to rely on.

Kitty doesn't really much care for Coco. She does really feel sorry for the cup that she doesn't see how bad their father is. It's not that she doesn't like the girl, she does, but really would love it if she doesn't put her trust in her because she tends to break it.

Kitty tends to picks fights with the little ghost flower from time to time. Mostly, her and Bluebell really don't get along and are naturally enemies. But, Kitty does hate when the flower tries to distract her with a ball of yarn. Hates much.

Kitty/Misty- le moi


Elder Kettle/Cuphead-Cuphead
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