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Cuphead next gen: Kev Le Berg by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead next gen: Kev Le Berg by UndertaleSokemo
"Im not a good of a boxer, but I'm a good friend."

Name: Kev Le Berg
Abilities: flying, piloting, transformating, cooking, gardening
Attacks: constellation transformation, star storm, bomb attack, blam slam
Age: 11
Nicknames: Gloves, Pin head, Kev
Species: Slime-human hybrid??
Parents: Helida Berg, Goopy Le Grande
Likes: flowers, clouds, stars, airplanes


Kev is very kind, shy, and caring person. He very much likes to get his hands dirty, but not with fighting, he usually likes to go out and plant flowers in a small garden he has. As kind as he is, everyone loves him whenever he comes nearby.

Apart from his kindness, he tends to be shy when meeting new people and waits for them to make their first impression on him before he gets to know them. Though, a few people have gave him good ones and others....not so much.

But, all is say, he's very caring and would know if someone is sad, knowing he'll do anything to make you feel better. Most of his friends, he doesn't understand why their said, but he'll stop at nothing(well maybe when it's time for bed) to make them tell him.


Kev loves his parents dearly and would do anything to make them proud of him even if it means he has to fight, but he'll fake it, and would never intend to hurt his opponents.

Kev is one of Kitty's 'friends'. Though, she has told him about her, he doesn't understand, at her age, why she lives alone. Kev knows she's sad and keeps telling her fighting won't make it go away.

Kev feels a bit afraid of Bluebell due to her anti socialablity. But, he kind of enjoys her company quite often as he pleases whenever she's out and about.

Kev adores Aqua and her sister as they are very kind to others such as him and are really friendly. He really thinks of them as good friends to him.

Kev likes to think of Fraise as the cousin he always wanted, of course Fuzzy is an okay friend to him same as he is to her. But, above all, he loves them both dearly and caringly.

Kev thinks of Coco as a sister much of a friend and cousin. The two really do share each other's company with a bit of coco to get a bit of relaxation.

Kev gets along with all his family members, though he does seem curious of Elder Kettle.


Kev/Kitty/Coraline-le moi
MyMyDraws3 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Student General Artist
He looks like Oliver Le Small
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