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Cuphead next gen: Coraline by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead next gen: Coraline by UndertaleSokemo
"I'm not gonna hurt you because it's better to release than catch."

Name: Coraline
Abilities: great swimmer, playing music, cooking, shooting
Attacks: shoots purple and blue blasters,
Eel shock, tsunami, can have medusa form, squid attack( throws squids at opponent)
Parents: Mugman, Cala Maria
Species: Cup-mermaid hybrid
Nicknames: Coral, Fish, sippy cup
Likes: fish, ocean, playing go fish, cooking, sweets, tea
Age: 13


Coraline is a energetic, fun-loving gal. She very much is like her father, and alike him, his power was pass down to her. Coraline really adores the ocean and very much is friendly to everyone that comes by.

Coraline is very energetic and loves to play a lot with many of her fish friends and actual friends. She really finds it fun to play a bit of pranks along with her cousin, Kitty.

Coraline really loves to have fun and no one would ever see her boredom. Coraline could turn the most smallest thing into full out game to play woth her friends.


Coraline really loves and adores her parents and really wants to try her best to be her best at many of her attacks. But, believe it, the girl just needs a whole lot of practice. Her parents, though, are always there to support her.

Coraline is glad to have an Uncle like Cuphead. Mostly because she gets to do most things her parents really don't want her to do. But, at most, Cuphead keeps her safe if though she does do things a little out of hand.

Coraline is Kitty's best friend even though Kitty doesn't really think so. Coraline twnds to follow the poor girl to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble that might cause her any harm. But, to say, Coraline does feel bad that her Aunt Misty had to pass before she got to meet her. From all the stories Kitty tells her about her mother, she must have been the best.

Coraline adores her cousin, Coco dearly. Though, mostly Coraline seems hard for her to play with her when her powers do get too out of control. But, at that, Coral really loves the gal.

Coral loves the ghost flower to death and really just wants to be her friend, though due to Bluebell's social activity, Blu really doesn't want to be a friend of hers.

Coraline loves her Grandpa Elder Kettle and the two oftenly share a cup or two of tea and have a lively chat with one another.
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