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Cuphead next gen: Aladdin by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead next gen: Aladdin by UndertaleSokemo
"What a lovely day and oh look my lovely Kitten is stopping by."

Abilites: juggling, magic, dancing, baking, cooking
Attacks: Carpet attack, jewel storm,juggle-ball bombs, Hat trick, illusion dodge
Species: Genie-clown
Nicknames: Al, Ali
Parents: Beppi and Djimmi
Likes: juggling, dancing, music, floating, gloating, kittens


As energetic and very confident person Aladdin is, he can come off open minded and dumbfounded by many things because of his greatest ability of curiosity, though as the saying goes, curiosity does kill.

But he really is confident and mostly energetic, he really loves getting hyperactive and he thinks a laugh or two won't kill anyone, but his parents really think that maybe that he should have his sweets cut down just a bit.


Aladdin really adores and loves his parents and brother, Parry, a bunch and would do anything for them even if it's as small as doing the laundry to cleaning the whole house.

Parry tries everytime that Kitty really is a bad person to mess with, but that doesn't stop Aladdin's affectionate love for her. He'd pull out many of his charm gestures, and nicknames such as Kitten or Cuppy for her.

Aladdin thinks of Coco like the sister he's always wanted though Aladdin doesn't know why Coco thinks that Kitty and the others are a bad person, he explains to them that she's just misunderstood sometimes and has a hard time expressing her feelings. But, apart from that, Ali loves the little Cup to death.

Ali feels quite frighten of Bluebell from time to time, but he tries to see the bright side of every situation they ever get into and tries and be a bit friendly towards her.

Back then when they used ti be wee babies, Aladdin and Fuzzy would send time playing and taking turns having fun with balls and be the best of pals and they still are, but because of Fuzzy being the daughter of King Dice, he is quite scared that something he might say wrong will only end with him losing his soul.

Ali adores both little Fraise and Aqua and would want to pinch their little wee cheeks whenever possible, but everytime he does, Coraline's there to save the two from being pinched to death.

Ali and Coraline are like natural enemies and Ali finds it hard for him to spend time with his 'sweetheart' if she's in the way, mostly saying he's trying to get rid of her 'friendship' with Kitty. They just down right don't get along well.

Ali and Kev are good friends and think that they would like to stay that way forever because as kids, they both adore one another and Ali likes to think of Kev as a second brother and treats him as so.

Kitty/Coraline/Kev Le Berg/Fuzzy/Aladdin- le moi

MyMyDraws3 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Our childs have the same name
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Awesome Work
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