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Cuphead OC: Carrot Hopps by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead OC: Carrot Hopps by UndertaleSokemo
"Is that all ya got, shug? Cause I'm just getting warmed up."

Name: Carrot Hopps
Role: Surprise Mini Boss (King Dice)
Abilites: Carrot bombs, able to dig to dodge attacks, Carrot haze ables to make any opponent's vision blur
Likes: Carrots, gambling, dancing, singing, Carrot top surprise(drink), sweets

Carrot is a surprise Mini Boss of King Dice. Carrot is a confident and distractable girl who really packs a punch. She is very confident in any battle she's in. As confident she is, she acts likes this due to the bullying she once had. But, she does get a little distracted during battle.


Carrot is very thankful that King Dice had took her in through the hard times she had and repays him by working at the casino even though King Dice gets the feeling, he often sets it aside.

Carrot very much adores Djimmi in his powers. Whenever she stops by, he shows her a bit of the new magic moves to defeat the cup bros.

Carrot and Baroness don't really get along. It's probably because when they first met, Carrot gave a bad impression by taking a bit out of her castle. But, even though Carrot's sorry, that wouldn't fix the hole in the wall.

Cala Maria adores Carrot. When Carrot first came to be, Maria loved how confident she was and that she was able to stand up for her when pirates were in her sea. But, all that's said, the two became good friends.

Carrot doesn't really enjoy Hilda Berg's flying, though she does enjoy watching her fly and glide in the sky. The two girls are very fond of each other though they do have differences.

Carrot and Cagney don't really have a stable friendship due to the fact that Carrot is a rabbit and tends to sometimes tries to eat one of his petals. But, aside from that, I say they're good friends.
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