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Cuphead Next gen: Fuzzy Dice by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead Next gen: Fuzzy Dice by UndertaleSokemo
"Come on pal take a roll of the dice and you may win big!"

Name: Fuzzy Dice
Abilties: pranks, cooking, amazing at digging tunnels, singing
Attacks: Carrot and Dice bombs, card attacks, tunnel dodge, Carrot Surprise Haze
Nicknames: Fuzzy, Bunnyboo
Likes: gambling, carrots, singing
Parents: King Dice, Carrot Hopps, Pirouletta(Step mom)
Species: Bunny Dice


Fuzzy is fun loving, caring, and really intelligent. Fuzzy really doesn't care much of people though she does get really down when someone is in need. She loves to make people happy by just singing at the casino.

Fuzzy really loves to have fun and does this by gambling with some of the others and wins all the time. Other than this, she goes out to meet other people or children her age to play with.

Fuzzy's really smart and knows how to work through any problem anyone has in the casino and on Inkwell Isle. She also uses this to trick or convince someone to do something for her or just for a change of heart.


Fuzzy has no idea why her mother keft, but pretty much blames herself for the cause. Her father and step mother try to comfort her, but she really appreciates them trying to do so.

Fuzzy thinks that Bluebell can be a good friend to her if she'd let her. She thinks that Blu could be a little less anti social if she lets her be her friend. But, as said, Blubell isn't that high about being around people.

Fuzzy adores her sister Fraise and thinks that the little dice girl is a bit too nice to everyone she meets. Though, she cares about her very much and is very much proud that she finds the good in people.

Fuzzy thinks that Kitty could change if she'd tried. Fuzzy tries to reason with the girl about her father not really being a bad guy and she should change for the better, at least that what her mom would have wanted.

Fuzzy is very fond of Coraline and her sister, even though Coraline might fear her, she has gain their trust and most of all their friendship.

Fuzzy thinks that Coco is a very good person and friend as she is one of them. Coco and Fuzzy aren't oftenly seeing each other, they still are very good friends.

Fuzzy gets along well with most of her family memebers and enjoys most of their company rather than all.

Fuzzy/Kitty/Coraline/ Carrot Hopps-le moi

Coco/Aqua/ Bluebell/ Fraise-Palettepainter
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