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Cuphead Next Generation: Iris  by UndertaleSokemo Cuphead Next Generation: Iris  by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Iris
Age: 9
Nicknames: ghosty, bloom, ghost baby
Parents: Cagney Carnation, Blind Spector
Abilites: floating, can create floating eyes, can revive dead plants and trees to attack, healing powers, invisibility, can phase through walls
Likes:gardening, flowers


Iris is a very shy, although he's kind and gentle and really doesn't like the kind of violence most people tolerate. But, do underestimate him because he can still be as powerful as you might not think. Though, due to his shyness, he is often bullied and teased, but he just ignores every word they throw at him, continues to do the thing he does best...turn invisible.

He is a very kind person and doesn't really care about the violence and would rather have a relaxing place to stay and feel the beautiful feelings of nature. Though, once or twice, he would hear a few screams of fear and evil laughter coming from long distances.


His parents loves him very much even though they tend to baby him a lot, he loves them with all his heart. Although, he tries very much to get on his sister's good side, he much thinks that she would have him rather leave her be, but Iris feels that she doesn't really love him like her parents say she does.

Iris much likely fears Kitty and would rather much not get on her bad side much, though he has seen a couple of times when Kitty was alone is her house, just the thought of it makes him sad.

Iris much adores Coco, but is a bit too shy to show it, so he just stays close to her thinking that maybe her friends will be his friends as well.

Iris and Coraline are the best of friends due to them always sitting next to each other at school, playing together, and being alone in their beautiful garden they made together.

Iris really hasn't met Fuzzy, Zara and Fraise due to the fact that they lives at the casino that his parents say never to go to, though he has seen them once or twice whenever at school.

Iris, Parry, Aladdin, and Kev are the best bros ever, as to what they cal themselves, and are often seen in a group heading everywhere to find their own adventure whenever their other friends are really busy.

Iris likes to think of Aqua as a little sister taking care of her, but Aqua likes to think of it as the opposite way of her taking care of him in most situations.


Kitty/Coraline/Fuzzy/Kev/Aladdin-le moi
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