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BATIM next gen: Charlie by UndertaleSokemo BATIM next gen: Charlie by UndertaleSokemo
Name: Charlie
Parents: Sammy Lawrence
Occupation: Musician
Species: Human
Built: average height
Nicknames: Charles
Likes: music, work, machines


Charlie is a hard-working, distracted-easily, cheerful gal. She's a brilliant musician, but due to her dyslexia, she has trouble reading some words.

When she was about 7, she was unable to read anything in the studio. But, with the help of her father, she was able to read in her own way, though she may pronounce it wrong.

She works very hard when working on new music. Due to being cheerful, she is easily distracted by anything that comes her way or passes by. Though, her friends try to encourage her to stay focus, but as say 'in one ear and out the other.'

With her job being a musician, she's needed to be around her boss, Angela, when she's performing for the audiences, though she's not really on stage, mostly backstage.


Charlie has had dad problems for a couple of years, she and her father have their differences. With her father worshipping 'his lord', she questions sometimes as to why she must worship her uncle, earning fully lecture from him to her of not calling Bendy her uncle and/or not to question him.

Charlie took a liking towards Angela and her friends ever since she was able to roam around the studio unseen by her father. Charlie thinks of Angela as the sister she'd always wanted. She often stocks her while she's not looking just to accompany her.

Chad and Charlie are much like buddies. Though, Charlie isn't able to get the chance she gets to hang out with him, but when she does, the two try and get into as much trouble as they can.

Charlie adores Skips. As much as she loves music, she adores working on machines. She adores Skips of how's she's open-minded and smart. You could say that Charlie's Skips' little helper when it comes to fixing a leak in the pipes.


Angela/Charlie-le moi

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