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Welcome to UndertalePairings!

[UNDERTALE] Determination by sunarii
Feel free to join the group and submit art as much as you like!


*Submit at the correct folder.
*Please turn on Mature Content when your work is NSFW.
*No arguing nor fighting other members.
*Please don't judge others' ships. Be aware that others may like ships that you don't.
*No spamming on the comments nor the journals. Chainmails, etc. will be marked as spam instantly.
*Remember that any shipping is allowed! Don't be ashamed of your ship!
*Have fun!

Incase of Missing Folders like other Pairings I didn't add, please leave a note or leave it in the comments below.

If there are any Pairings that are not in need for a folder, please submit it in the "Other Pairings" section; if your artwork consists of more than one pairing please submit it in the "Multiple Pairings" section.

Gallery Folders

Let me keep you warm... by Cosmic-Eevee
No Pairings
.:Amber Lightvale:. by MoonlightUTFan
:Frisk Train:. [Collab] [4/2 Open!] by MoonlightUTFan
.:Queen Toriel, Caretaker Of The Ruins~:. by MoonlightUTFan
Happy Pride Month-undertale by bolibonba
Other Pairings
.:Date:. by MoonlightUTFan
.:Playing With Ace-:. by MoonlightUTFan
He Was My Rudolph by SusieBeeca
.:Soulina And The Byten Kids:. by MoonlightUTFan
OC x Canon
Everything will be okay by Luunaryss
Ship Doodle by InkyIsAwkward
Multiple Pairings
.:Sibling Rivalry:. by MoonlightUTFan
.:I'm So Done...:. by MoonlightUTFan
.:Valentine Treats:. by MoonlightUTFan
Pluto by MoonlightUTFan
Sans x Frisk
UT: Warm Cold by itanatsu-chan

Mature Content

.:I'm Your Wrost Nightmare~:. by MoonlightUTFan
Savetale - Sans and Frisk by RebelGirls
Had a Nightmare by FaithWalkers
Undyne x Alphys
Swimsuit by Pipitaso
Alphyne by InkyIsAwkward
undyne and  Shyren by Pipitaso
Sans x Toriel
Soriel tho by ClassyEyeballs
Old OC For Sale! [Old UT NG] by MoonlightUTFan
Holding hands by Stapsy
UT - Chapter 29: A Due Explanation by skyechan
Asriel x Frisk
.:Shy...:. by MoonlightUTFan
.:Friskrel Kiddos~:. by MoonlightUTFan
.:Father And Son Talk:. by MoonlightUTFan
Enzi [2020 REF] by MoonlightUTFan
Mettaton x Papyrus

Mature Content

You are so cute,darling! Redraw by PrincessAlisaLight
Papyton Date [Collab with Pink Pupa] by CleverBot101
Death By Bonetrousal by CleverBot101
Red by CleverBot101
Monster Kid x Frisk
Flowey x Frisk
.:Enzi's Flower Form:. by MoonlightUTFan
Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants
Eratale FC - Klondike by TheEnchantedInk26
Papyrus x Undyne
{ Sensotale } - Papyrus and Undyne by kiwi-Mivi1END
Mettaton x Muffet
UT: We'll See the Universe~ by itanatsu-chan
Sans x Papyrus
same day, same artist by TheGalaxyOfUndertale
Mettaton x Undyne
Too romantic Undaton by ArainMorn
Asriel x Chara
.:Our Tale...:. by MoonlightUTFan
Asgore x Toriel
QuatreShift Family by FaithWalkers
Papyrus x Frisk
Deadly lovers by BanalRas
Sans x Alphys
Death of Alice by VanGold
Napstablook x Shyren
Walk by NeptuneEyedr0ps
Sans x Gaster Blaster
Chara x Frisk
Photo by bolibonba
Sans x Undyne
Sans' trip anecdote #1 by Doudy20
Sans x Chara
Happy Valentines Day! +Charans|CharaXSans+ by XThe-Purple-GlitchX
Papyrus x Chara
Day 1: Roaring twenties by BanalRas
Grillby x Sans
Ask Daddy Lust - 7 by TaynahIbanez
Gaster x Grillby
Mobtale Comic - Family - Page 06 by Sherifay
Grillby x Muffet
Eratale FC - Xavier by TheEnchantedInk26
Bratty x Catty
Totally Hyped! by Sangled




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Recently added folders are:

Sans x Undyne
Sans x Chara
Papyrus x Chara
Grillby x Sans
Gaster x Grillby
Grillby x Muffet
Bratty x Catty

Feel free to submit your ships there! I'll be moving the deviations that include the pairings.
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