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Welcome to UndertalePairings!

[UNDERTALE] Determination by sunarii
Feel free to join the group and submit art as much as you like!


*Submit at the correct folder.
*Please turn on Mature Content when your work is NSFW.
*No arguing nor fighting other members.
*Please don't judge others' ships. Be aware that others may like ships that you don't.
*No spamming on the comments nor the journals. Chainmails, etc. will be marked as spam instantly.
*Remember that any shipping is allowed! Don't be ashamed of your ship!
*Have fun!

Incase of Missing Folders like other Pairings I didn't add, please leave a note or leave it in the comments below.

If there are any Pairings that are not in need for a folder, please submit it in the "Other Pairings" section; if your artwork consists of more than one pairing please submit it in the "Multiple Pairings" section.

Gallery Folders

Ship Frisk x Asriel by xoxBlindedxox
Let me keep you warm... by Cosmic-Eevee
No Pairings
Frisk Glitchtale by Yasuuko
Me X Sans by princessacaramelo
Mew Mew Cruel by femexstudios
jokers  the dimensions by femexstudios
Other Pairings
Happstablook X Sans by NoaFireQueen
Royals guards rg01 and rg02 (Undertale) by alexmauricio407
StoryShift Mettasans....[but sans is dead..... by NoaFireQueen
Hand in hand by NoaFireQueen
OC x Canon
INKtobertale 2018 Day 31 Congratulations by Doudy20
INKtobertale Day 25 On the road again by Doudy20
Halloween Couple (Crossover) by ApocalypseTitan
When you become Daddy... by LiLLi-ViLLa
Multiple Pairings
Happy 3rd anniversary Undertale! by tekitourabbit
Underwatertale Ask #63 by Doudy20
Underwatertale Ask #55 by Doudy20
Underwatertale Chapter 5 Page 4 by Doudy20
Sans x Frisk
DETERMINATIONTALE COMIC - Page 18 by CreatorOfCastell
11/11 by xXDarkness--InsidexX
Midnight deal by BanalRas
I Miss You, Sweetheart by xXDarkness--InsidexX
Undyne x Alphys
Undyne and Alphys [Silhouette Character UNDERTALE by NoaFireQueen
[Commission] Getting ready by Lalibellie
[Art Trade] AlphysXUndyne by Lalibellie
Wet nerd dream about sexy fish by TiamatART
Sans x Toriel
Starry Night by LiLLi-ViLLa
I am the King of Queen Toriel by LiLLi-ViLLa
Swap Soriel Kiss by blushingskeletons
Asriel x Frisk
YCH: SansxOC 6 by hopelessromantic721
Altertales: Toriel x Sans by hopelessromantic721
Happy Valentines Day Undertale by hopelessromantic721
Toriel the embarrassing Goatmom by Bomberdrawer
Mettaton x Papyrus
[ASK BLOG] The Blizzard PG 50- The End by PurpleZombieTigress
[ASK BLOG] The Blizzard PG 49- Day's done. by PurpleZombieTigress
[Shattered Timeline] Papyton by Nameless-doodles
[ASK BLOG] The Blizzard PG 43- Regret by PurpleZombieTigress
Monster Kid x Frisk

Mature Content

Frisk Dreamer betrays Monster Kid (Undertale art) by Peachasso
Flowey x Frisk
Flowisk (Flowey X Frisk) Stamp by SketchyGarden
Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants
Burgerpants and Nice cream guy feat. Alphys by Guusagi
Papyrus x Undyne
Underwatertale Chapter 6 Page 8 by Doudy20
Mettaton x Muffet
SpiderDiva (redone) by Xthetactician
Sans x Papyrus
Maybe they won't hate me? by TheGalaxyOfUndertale
Mettaton x Undyne
UT:NJR - No menu for lovers! by ArainMorn
Asriel x Chara
Oh? by xXDarkness--InsidexX
Asgore x Toriel
Torgore Outertale by MuskyCat90
Papyrus x Frisk
Deadly lovers by BanalRas
Sans x Alphys
Death of Alice by VanGold
Napstablook x Shyren
Smol ghost guppies by Xthetactician
Sans x Gaster Blaster
Chara x Frisk
this is charisk I swear by TheGalaxyOfUndertale
Sans x Undyne
[Request] Swimming in the sea by FukuroMami555
Sans x Chara
undertale_ sans valentine by queenfirebell
Papyrus x Chara
Your shadow by BanalRas
Grillby x Sans
Undertale Sansby - Personal Space, Grillbz by skerbb
Gaster x Grillby
Smooch by xXDarkness--InsidexX
Grillby x Muffet
[Fanchild] Muffet and Grillbet REDONE by Lalibellie
Bratty x Catty
Totally Hyped! by Sangled




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Recently added folders are:

Sans x Undyne
Sans x Chara
Papyrus x Chara
Grillby x Sans
Gaster x Grillby
Grillby x Muffet
Bratty x Catty

Feel free to submit your ships there! I'll be moving the deviations that include the pairings.
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Xthetactician Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
each its a fancied thing so maybe it goes there, but id assume it goes in sans x alphys
Xthetactician Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OOF I had a wrong submission, the deviation "who are ya talking to?" is in no pairings
Undertale9106 Featured By Owner May 26, 2018
Could you add Flowey x Temmie?
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Peachasso Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018
I am new here. Hello.
Tia-Tchou Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
There is some ship picture in the folder ''other pairing'', I'm sure it's not undertale.
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Kell0x Featured By Owner May 9, 2017
Someone is using the club to submit random anime work (from Baka test for example( into the group.
theasgoreotaku Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
could you add mettaton x asgore?
i have art for it
KuraiTsukiMajutsu Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a place to add ship children?
SAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Where is Temmie x Annoying Dog? I am offend
InsanityPants Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i miss sans x flowey folder :c
eledina5 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
acringy12yearold Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
Some of the ships have like 0 backing. "Grillby x Muffet" Seriously? They don't even know about each others existence. 
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