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rilakkuma tf2 boots and booms by Konniwa rilakkuma tf2 boots and booms :iconkonniwa:Konniwa 41 0 Lapis *old draw* by undertale1087yye Lapis *old draw* :iconundertale1087yye:undertale1087yye 22 6 Undertale by Mareaw Undertale :iconmareaw:Mareaw 134 17 [DR] Ultimate Pianist by libertyligma [DR] Ultimate Pianist :iconlibertyligma:libertyligma 139 15 Oh hi there by TrioFig Oh hi there :icontriofig:TrioFig 16 2 Mysticaya-Angel of Galaxies by Kelia-Rain Mysticaya-Angel of Galaxies :iconkelia-rain:Kelia-Rain 72 2
Okay so if it isn't obvious, this is Jolibe and this is my account for giving myself points for core.
I'M NOT DEAD ON MY MAIN ACCOUNT, Deviantart just uhhhh accidentally deactivated my main account when I was trying to deactivate my alternate one
So like, if you can, can you please tell people that I'm not dead and I'll reactivate after 48 hours have passed (since you can't reactivate until two days later which really sucks ;-; )
Also DA killed my best friend and that also sucks so I'm gonna commit die now *jumps out window while sipping tea*
:iconjetkjqhlkjhlkjgdghai:jetkjqhlkjhlkjgdghai 8 30
[Undertime] Glyph by MoonshadowOfficial [Undertime] Glyph :iconmoonshadowofficial:MoonshadowOfficial 3 0 Time boi o3o by MoonshadowOfficial Time boi o3o :iconmoonshadowofficial:MoonshadowOfficial 3 0 [Undertime] Moon and Yurei by MoonshadowOfficial [Undertime] Moon and Yurei :iconmoonshadowofficial:MoonshadowOfficial 3 0
More TF2 Headcanons!!!!
Everyone thinks Demo's an idiot, but he's actually pretty smart. He also enjoys reading. I could imagine Scout finding Demo reading Shakespeare and being all confused. Then he tells the other mercs and they all surround Demo while he's trying to read. He looks up at them like "What? I can't enjoy a good book every now and then?"
Tan like Gods: Pyro, Sniper, Engie, and Demo. They can’t burn. They just get all glowy and look beautiful.
Get tan lines and burn in an extreme sun, but are okay for the most part: Scout, Heavy, and Soldier.
Get horrible tan lines and burn just by leaving the house: Spy and Medic. Spy burns like a potato crisp and Medic looks like a beet with tan lines around his neck after battles in bright sunlight. And Spy gets the most hilarious tan lines around his mask. 
Whenever any of the mercs are sad, Pyro brings them things like cookies and stuffed toys. He doesn't leave until he's 100 percent sure that the merc is happy again.
:iconscaryshinigami:scaryshinigami 1 0
So many TF2 headcanons!!!
has a drawing style we've seen in the TF2 videos. I like to thin he draws pictures of the rest of the team, although they’re not always the most flattering. 
Soldier can only draw two things: the American flag, and eagles. Those two things he can draw perfectly, but ask him to draw anything else and it looks like a five-year-old drew it with their feet. 
Pyro may not be the best artist in the world, but he loves drawing, especially unicorns, happy suns, and puppies. 
Demoman likes drawing mythical creatures, but not much else. He’s tried different art styles, but never though to it as a hobby, and never really satisfied with the outcome. 
Engineer draws everything angular and boxy, like a machine. He can draw the most complex machine in the world, but drawing a hand would be difficult for him. 
Heavy can
:iconscaryshinigami:scaryshinigami 2 0
Scout - uses almost unreadable slang for everything. You have to have urban dictionary on hand if you want to hold a conversation with him.
Soldier - tries to use the voice control for everything like an old person. Always ends up something like, “Bread brea butter, ham mom!” when he’s just trying to ask for the new battle strategy. 
Pyro - All emojis. Nothing else. Literally, it’s like reading hieroglyphics. 
Demo - Most of the time, he just texts like a normal person (albeit abusing the caps lock), but he’s one of those drunk-texts kinda people.
Heavy - Everything is short and sweet. He never writes more than three sentences in a text and he’s that one guy who sends links to everything via text.
Engie - Types like a tumblr user, so proper grammar, just no commas, semi-colons, or capitals. He types at the speed of light.
Medic - Takes five years to text something back, because
:iconscaryshinigami:scaryshinigami 3 2
Even More TF2 Headcanons!!!!
Morning people
Scout is never a morning person, but it all depends. And usually, it takes pots and pans to get him up in the morning- or Soldier. Scout usually sleeps in a fetal position, and kicks off all the covers, to mention. In the mornings, when the Mercs do succeed in getting him up and at ‘em, he’s extremely groggy. Sometimes, he’ll even share coffee with Sniper- no matter how bitter he thinks the taste of the beverage is. 
Soldier is used to military time, waking up at the crack of dawn. The Soldier does, really, respect the hours of the morning for the others- and usually takes the morning to fiddle with weapons and busy himself until more of his partners wake. The first one to accompany him is usually Engineer, who helps out by getting the morning ready by helping prepare coffee, and breakfast.
Pyro is a very healthy morning person. Pyro usually stays up late with Engineer, l
:iconscaryshinigami:scaryshinigami 11 15
Skyla reference sheet 2018 by ArtistDoodles Skyla reference sheet 2018 :iconartistdoodles:ArtistDoodles 35 12
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So...i was inspired enough to make yet another ya go! : )

    Okay, okay...Here you go......
Who's ready for a new chapter? (Maybe two!)
So my puppy just tried to not chew, but EAT one of my socks. I had to pull a black sock that was about half-way down his throat!!
So...i was inspired enough to make yet another ya go! : )


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Welcome to my DA page! Here's a little bit about me--

--I love to draw, write stories and make music (which you can find on my youtube channel)
--I love Undertale (which you've probably guessed by now... :3)
--I have a pet beta fish named Frisk :3

If you feel like talking, I have a discord or, we can just chat here! I'm always open to talking!

Also! Art trades are open, so if you're interested just let me know! :D


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