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Welcome to our Group!

This is a group dedicated to compiling and organizing Undertale and Deltarune fanart. You do not have to ask to join - all invites are approved automatically.

*In addition, one question that's been asked frequently is how this group was founded before the game was released. The game launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, which is why and how the group is that old.*

  • Featured folder is reserved for Contest Winners and outstanding work chosen by the admins.
  • DO NOT submit to folders with the word -FULL- We always have another folder ready.
  • No Screencaps or Screencap edits or GIFs from the game.
  • No official art/official sprites from the game..
  • No Fetish art.
  • No graphic depictions of gore, sex, or combination of the two.
  • No WiPs (works-in-progress)
  • NO POSTING ART THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. This includes art that has been blatantly traced from another artist's work without permission or credit.
  • No Photoshop edits (e.g. don't edit sans head on John Cena and submit it).
  • No "Internet Meme" art. For example, we would not accept Undertale versions of memes like Pepe, Doge or any other internet memes.
  • No rants or personal journals in the Writing section.
  • No templates or bases of any kind.
  • No text documents that are promoting or advertising something.
  • While we accept artists of all skill levels and mediums, please don't submit scribbles or intentionally "bad" art.
  • Please put art in the proper category.
  • Art featuring 2 characters can go in either category of either character.
  • Art featuring 3 or more characters should be in "Group".
  • Pieces with dark/depressive focus and bloody works should go in "Dark--Bloody".
  • We look to keep the group as SFW as possible. So please do not submit suggestive/sexual/nudity/gorey themes. Thank you.
  • Please be civil and polite to fellow members.
  • Any artwork containing one or more OC's should be submitted to the OC folder.
  • Any artwork showing AU versions or humanized versions of the Monster characters (or a Monster Frisk), should go to the AU/Humanized folder.
  • Animations go in the Animation folder, Animated avatars or icons go in the Avatar or Icon folder.

  • Individual images of Kris, Ralsei, Susie, Lancer, Rouxls Kaard, and Jevil alone are to be submitted to their respective folders.
  • Group images of two (2) or more of the above characters are to be submitted to the Deltarune General folder.
  • Images of other characters and scenarios from Deltarune are to be submitted to the Deltarune General folder. This includes the Deltarune versions of Undertale characters (i.e. Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Asgore, etc.), and any pieces that feature both Undertale and Deltarune characters.
  • All Crossovers (including Undertale/Deltarune ones), OCs, AUs, comics, writings (no personal journals), avatars/icons, and animations for Deltarune are to be submitted to the Deltarune General folder. Any of these with only Kris, Ralsei, Susie, Lancer, Rouxls Kaard, and Jevil are to be submitted to their respective folders.

If your art is declined you can PM either our Founder or a Co-founder to see the reason why.

Also Join us in the Official UndertaleFans Chatroom…

Here are the rules and guidelines
1. No spamming
2. No flaming/bashing members
3. Keep vulgar language to a minimum
4. Listen to the admins (RoyalGuard)
5. Have fun

*WARNING: This chat is not spoiler free*


Boss Monster


Royal Guard


Royal Sentries



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Are you making fan art of me, Spamton G. Spamton, but don't know where to [PROMOTE] it? Worry not! Come on down to the Spamton [FOLDER], where you can display your work of the [#1 RATED SALESMAN 1997]!
For the low, low price of [$4.99], I will help you show off your talent for drawing and crafting everyone's [FAVORITE] salesman in Cyber's World. Or, if you don't have any [KROMER], we can negotiate other terms - maybe you can offer your [HEART-SHAPED OBJECT]?
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm only kidding, [YOU LITTLE SPONGES]. I won't charge you any fee for displaying your work in my [FOLDER]. Everyone's free to submit their Spamton art to the Spamton [FOLDER]. Consider it as a form of [FREE ADVERTISING] for both of us! A win-win situation! AHAHAHAHA!
So, yeah, you lovely Spamton artists, the Spamton [FOLDER] is now open for business! Come and [PROMOTE] your artistic talent!
Yours truly,
Spamton G. Spamton, #1 Rated Salesman 1997
*** Note from HotCheeto89, Royal Guard: We seriously are NOT charging anyone any money or anything else for submitting work to our group, including the new Spamton folder. I just wanted to be sure that no one takes Spamton's joke the wrong way. THERE ARE NO SUBMISSION FEES. ***
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Is this group active? Simply just curious.
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Yeah, to some extent. People are still submitting work, though not as much as when Undertale was big a few years ago.
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Hi. I'm new to the group. I was wondering if there is literature folder here? I have a Undertale/Shantae crossover going on and I'd love to share the story.
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Yes we do have a Writings folder. You can submit written works there.
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Thank you.
Also, It looks like I'll have to re-apply those pieces in a week. Even with the resubmission request, I still have reached the submission limit.
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