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Looking for a specific type of Undertale comic? Below we've organized our comics by tags. Here's an easy way to look for what you're interested in.

Click on Covers to go right to the Comic

We have a lot of new members since I first added this. I want to make sure everyone knows this is a resource.






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JennaRayenstone's avatar
I actually submitted Divide|tale Here before hand. But i didnt have a Cover page. This time I do. xD I hope you guys accept it
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
I belive they've been accepted. 
JennaRayenstone's avatar
Accepted yes, but folder for them

RantMasterRyuu's avatar
This is true. Please check our rules and regulations. 
JennaRayenstone's avatar
I've submitted the earlier version of my comic to you before. I'm redoing it. I have checked the rules and regulations. But thank you anyways...
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
I'm sorry for any confusion. Had the first draft of your comic reached the required 15 pages needed to receive it's own folder?
JennaRayenstone's avatar
it got up to 7. but its alright. I'll keep doing pages. No worries.
Hideki326's avatar
can you guy sort them for finish or unfinished?
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
Already done. In our gallery finished comics are marked with a + in the title and are all at the top. Unfinished comic are unlabeled. There is a Key at the top of the gallery. 
Could you sort them by size?
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
With comics constantly being updated we wouldn't be able to keep them in correctly labeled by size. Unfortunately, I have tried that before and it didn't work very well. Sorry. 
That's OK, I just like long stuff. I'll just sift through them.
Silverdiscord's avatar
I think this is the first time I've seen something like this in a group. This is really smart 
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
Thanks! It takes a lot effort, but I hope people find it useful! 
Silverdiscord's avatar
I think it really useful, it helps me find the types comics I like 
LittleAngel9514's avatar
Can U add feels section of happy section?
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean... 
Tyl95's avatar
Ohh, Shiny! 
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Sho lovely) [V2]
GamerSelkie's avatar
This looks really awesome system. Nice job you guys ^-^
Violyd's avatar
Ooo! This looks nice! :3
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