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here's a list of recommendations

toptale (pages at the time this comment was made: 504) - basically a huge switch, during the war monsters won against the humans, and now the humans are underground. Frisk wakes up outside the barrier and on the surface.

Imaginary friend (pages at the time this comment was made: 24) - not much right now but Gaster is out of the void, and what I'm gonna guess will happen is gaster is gonna befriend frisk, but only frisk can see him (since the title is imaginary friend).

That bad dream - (pages at the time this comment was posted: 14) - gaster possesses frisk, toriel is doing teacher things, sans and papyrus are frisk's babysitters not much else to say

A father's love (PATTTCWP: 32) - genocide route, sans almost dies, gaster uses some of frisk's dt (chara is using frisk's body) to make the rewrite button, which he uses to revive papyrus (that's all there is so far)

confusiontale (PATTTCWP: 15(?)) - Chara wakes up one day, but they're alive, and wearing frisk's clothes. Only Flowey remembers who they are as toriel does not seem to remember.

deeper down (PATTTCWP: 555) - monsters are on the surface and are camping close to the mountain as they cannot go into any towns/cities yet. Humans don't want them around, they decide to go to the other side of the mountain. Sans and frisk stumble underground, and now they got stuck (that's all I have read so far so please reply if you finished all the current pages with other stuff please)

Newsteptale (PATTTCWP: 38) - after a pacifist route, flowey comes with frisk on the surface, also there's the Frisk and Chara are friends (I think) thing.

Alt-shift (PATTCWP: I wanna say 3 ch. + 14 pg?) - storyshift but different (not based on the reboot)

Swapout (PATTCWP: 4 chapters + 26 pages, already on here but amazing) - UT!Papyrus dies, and swap papyrus takes his place, from classic papyrus's request

The thought (finished) - Seraphim Sans

The six that fell before you (PATTCWP - 40 but each page is divided into parts so technically more) - Chara tells Frisk about the 6 human souls time in the underground

Christmas party AU (Idk how many pages r.i.p) - A bunch of Sans' and Papyrus' go to a christmas party hosted by geno!sans, hijinks ensure

Skelechara (PATTCWP - 29?) - Papyrus revives Chara, who is now a skeleton

Eternal starvation (PATTCWP 1 chapter 29 pages, with a prologue) - Error destroys a bunch of universes, so now any survivors have to go to a safe place for them to stay

Ghost switch (PATTCWP - idk srry) - Undertale but instead of chara being the narrator, it's Asriel

I tried putting comics that I did not see in the comments :)

*not all comics are on DA (Christmas party au is on tumblr ik that for sure)

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wait if 3 place is the best then why dogs of future and past is on the 2

I recommend

The Caretaker of the ruins

Inverted fate



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In reccomend
Talk at grillbys
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I recommend

Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach:…
Deeper Down:…
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Endertale: Art is pleasant and the writing for the overall story and characters are good.
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Timetale: The art is astounding! The artist has an amazing style, and it's very well polished! My personal favorite AU-- it's quite hilarious. 'v'
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You don't have to hide, the thought, judgement hall, handplates, reminiscence, flowey is not a good life coach
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Judgement Hall; This comic is amazing, deeply emotional and makes great use of both light and dark tones. Has a really cute father/daughter dynamic thing going on between Sans and Frisk that will just make your heart melt.
Back to pacifist; This comic may not have the image quality of the more popular comics, but it has an interesting concept and is explored in a way that really hooks you in
Living Coffin; A favourite of mine, holds really depressing concepts but is executed really well and keeps making you come back for more.
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ArtisticAnimal101 has a pretty good Undertale Comic called Frisk and Chara.
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Recommend: Fallen Soul Series (Fall of the 1-6)
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GZtale, memotale, windows of reality and undertale-disney-S.
Ange14sky's avatar
Gztale, MommaCQ, The Truce, X-tale, Timetale(by AllesiaTheHedge), Quantumtale, Paper Crane, UnderNC, Nightmaretale, and dustjar.
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We only currently have Gztale, Timetale, and Nightmaretale, but a couple of the ones you listed we are trying to collect as folders now. In the mean time you other Recommendations have been added. 
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
We don't have that one yet. We are trying to collect it. 
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Labyss is lookin' pretty good!  LABYSS  [prologue/p1, Undertale comic] by Reunaa
RantMasterRyuu's avatar
We don't have that one yet. We will try to collect it. 
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Oooo, okay, I have a Google Docs for this, lolz. If any of these are repeats I assume you'll add another to its recommendation count. (You might want to mention that specifically in the journal so people know their 'vote' counts even if they see a comic is already there, just to make it clear)

"Dogs of Future Past"…

+1 for "Darker Yet Darker" (Here's a tumblr link, JIC)…

"The River’s Warning" (here on DA somewhere)

+1 for Handplates (although it regularly hits the front page, not like it needs introduction, lolz)

"The Forgotten Ones"…

"Reminiscence"  Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 25 by Smudgeandfrank

"Recursive Tangent"  Undertale: Recursive Tangent - 1 by LucrataNexarii

I think this one's called "Twisted Timelines"?…

"A Dreemurr Reborn" (archive is below "The End" page)…
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Thank you for the suggestions. Added. 

We don't currently have "The Forgotten Ones", "Twisted Timelines", or "A Dreemurr Reborn". We will try to collect "Recursive Tangent". 
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jade-alexandria  has a couple of comics that are really awesome and they update quite frequently defiantly deserve some love
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