Full Detailed Group Rules


- Anyone.


- Undertale Comics only.

- 'Comic' in this group is defined by individual pages with at least two panels that portray a line of thought.

- Longer comics are submitted here: UNDERTALE-LIBRARBY

- Oneshots and Shorts should be submitted here: UNDERTALE-LIBRARBY2

- We currently don't have any regulations on comic content. That means, we do accept any ships, AUs, theories, OCs, ages, genders, etc... As long as DA doesn't remove it, it will be allowed here. If you think something is inappropriate take it up with DA.

- Standardly we do not except "Asks", WIPs, single images with dialog, or doodle pages. However, exceptions will be made.

- The above does not apply if they are long enough for their own folders. These comics will be determined on an individual bases.

- Please submit folders to the correct folder to the best of your ability, or to Featured to be sorted properly.


- Comics must reach 15 separate submission pages to have its own folder. This means, if one submission is pg. 1-3, it only counts as 1 page. Covers count, as long as they are reasonable in the amount and spacing. When in doubt, assume it's 15 comic pages.

- Folders may be given automatically to any comic over 15 pages at an admins discretion. Otherwise, you must contact us after your comic reaches 15 pages to receive a folder.

- Librarians can move submissions to a different folder, regardless of where it was submitted, if it is better suited to a different folder.

- Oneshot Collections by the same author must reach 15 pages to be accepted in the group and each must be in a similar style. If they are too different, they will not be counted as part of that series.

- Most sequels will be added to the original story folder to conserve space. All new information will be added to the pre-existing one as though they were both one story. A few exceptions will be made, however original story must be a few hundred pages long, before this will happen.

- Comic info is subject to change to better fit the style of the rest of our folders. For example: The warning: "Spoilers for Undertale" would be shortened to "Spoilers", because this is an Undertale group, so the full phrasing is unnecessary. Another example: A warning of "AU" would be moved to Themes, because all AUs are counted as a themes.

- Comic info will only be added to any search list 5 times and the first listed are prioritized. So if 6 genres are listed, only the first 5 will be added to the Search list. This may vary based on the Admins level of paying attention.

- We do not allow removing and resubmitting of those same pages to our gallery under ANY circumstance. Doing so will result in one warning, and your submission will be placed on a two week delay, or until an admin is on after those two weeks. Doing this a second time will result in your comic being moved to our Favorites instead.


- Members must be courteous within the group setting. That means on any chats, journals, our main page, and submissions to our group, etc. This applies to Admins and interacting with Admins in the group as well.

- Personal issues are not a group matter. If two of our members get into a flame war because one of them posted a controversial journal about politics: that is not our problem and we are not addressing it. If one of them sees an undertale comic, by the other, here and starts harassing the artist when they submit to this group, then it becomes a group problem.

- Problems with members will be discussed and decided upon at the time.

- Admins, on their own, are not a reflection of the group. What they do outside the group setting is not within our control, nor is it any of our business. If there is a problem with an Admin in a non-group related matter: please report it to DA.

- If there is a problem with a Member or Admin please send a personal note to the Founder. If there is a problem with the Founder, please send a personal note to the Co-Founder. Take screenshots of the interaction. We will not investigate any member or admin based on "he said, she said" information.


- Featured Favorites are used for comics that we are unable to collect at the moment.

- Artists that have a folder for their own comic may ask for an "Artbook". This is a folder in our favorites for art work that relates to the comic.

- Artbooks are based on Artist, not comic. If the Artist has two comics, both related art would go in the same folder.


- All donations gathered by the RantMasterRyuu account will go towards funding contests, prizes, upgrading the group, or other group-related ventures.


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There is some narration in this Group Description:



A collection of Undertale comics. For undertale comics only.

Quick rules:
Undertale comics only.
Welcome to join.
Be nice.
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Of course! Just please read our group rules listed up towards the top of the page.

Comics can have a folder after it reaches 15 pages. This means individual submissions. A single submission that says "Page 1-3", only counts as 1 page. 1 cover page will count.

We do have a limited number of folders. We aren't there yet, but without this limit we would already be full... and we'd be close to filling out the second.

All One-shot comics and comics under 15 pages should go to our second group UNDERTALE-LIBRARBY2. Please don't submit it here.

We can't open folders to just one person, so if we open them people will submit to the wrong folder and it's actually easier on us if you submit to Featured.

You can also submit to the appropriate Started folder if you don't have a folder.

We currently don't have any regulations on comic content. We accept any Ships, AUs, Theories, OCs, Ages, Genders, etc... As long as DA doesn't remove it, it will be allowed here. If you think something is inappropriate take it up with DA.

Standardly we do not except "Asks", single images with dialog, or doodle pages. However, exceptions will be made if it is already a series over 15 pages, and an actual comic.

It may take a while for us to get to all the comics submitted. Submissions have 1 month to expire, so we will get to it.

If your comic has expired, then it was probably removed by accident. I have noticed that the DA Group Notification page will sometimes delete the unreviewed notifications instead of the finished ones I was trying to remove.

This is a comic only group. We do not accept anything but comics. However, if you check out our affiliates, a lot of them will accept anything undertale related.

There are lots of groups that accept all forms of undertale art, but I don't like it when a group I joined for one thing also accepts everything else. I'll watch a fanfic group if I want to see fanfics, an art group if I want to see art, and this is the group for people who want comics to see comics.

But if you're looking for a group that will accept it, please check our affiliates.

Thank you. If it's the latest pages that are out of order, that is normal. That means we sorted the pages from Featured but haven't gotten to putting them in the proper order yet. But please let us know if you see pages out of order earlier in the comic.

We are sorry for the delay, but please give us a few weeks to process your comic, especially if we have already contacted you about it.