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it's not all roses- multiversexreader- chapter 29Sans sat staring down at you while the knowledge he’d learned slowly sank in. You were bonded to his brother, you still were, even after stars knew how many resets, you had a piece of his soul. So many thoughts ran through his mind, the good, the dark, all passing through unchecked along with a mountain of questions. Did you know? Is that why you were here? Had you felt drawn to this family because of your bond? Why couldn’t he remember you? How close had you and he been before? Did the other Papyri know, did Blue, did Black? Their worlds were just a swapped version of his and Red’s, that being the case, would they have been the ones to find you, or was it always the Papyri? How much of his brother’s soul did you have? Sans let out a heavy sigh, rubbing his bony hand over his sockets. However much it was, he doubted it would ever be enough to get his brother back, even if he could separate the two of you without killing you.For him to do what he’d done for Asriel, he would need at least half his brother’s soul to be able to get it to repair itself fully; no monster could give up that much of their soul to a bondmate, they’d dust. It was all so bittersweet. To know that in some way his brother still lived on, but as nothing more than a fragment inside you. Sans took your hand in his, a soft smile touching his teeth. Still, it was wonderful to know you had both loved each other so deeply that nothing could separate you; not even a reset had been able to tear you apart. * You were refusing to wake up, or at least that’s what this world’s version of Alphys was telling them. Red didn’t believe her, there was no way you’d just stay asleep and leave them all worrying like this on purpose. Sat on the couch, he watched his brother pace the lounge for the umpteenth time, a snoozing Scamp cradle in his arms.You collapsing out of nowhere had the kids up in arms. They were convinced that Hazel had done something and were demanding to avenge you or whatever; he really had to stop letting Black read them those books on knights and valour. With a deep breath, Red mustered all his courage and asked the question he’d been dreading.“Did ya know about all this?” he questioned, his mumbled voice seeming so much louder in the house’s stillness.Edge paused in his pacing, turning to his brother with a sigh. “Yes Brother, I knew.”“Why didn’t ya say anythin’?” Red’s sockets blew wide, eye lights shrinking to pinpricks from the shock. How could he have kept this from him? They didn’t keep anything from each other, it was how they survived. Edge made his way over to the window, staring out into the far distance. Nothing was said between the brothers for quite some time while the taller of the two gathered his thoughts. Edge knew his brother well, but still he questioned, could Red accept the truth? “I did not tell you for the same reason I carry that plastic tumbler around,” he explained in all but a whisper. Red stared at him in confusion, Edge sighed, he should have known that wouldn’t have been enough of an explanation; stars, he was so tired. “I was protecting her… Back in our world, we made it to the surface a handful of times before the human snapped and went on a murderous rampage. Most monsters did not retain the memory out of grief for what we lost once the world reset.One such reset put us in a similar situation to Classic and his brother… I dusted, but I was not gone; our world’s (Y/N) kept a piece of my soul… You and Scamp were grief stricken; you couldn’t raise a child alone again, not in the state you were in, it’s why you hired her.I am not entirely sure of the circumstances that brought the condition of (Y/N)’s soul to light, perhaps I simply do not recall, but I do remember the pain, both from her and I as our souls were torn from each other. The separation killed her, and left me with a void in my soul I never thought could be filled again; until I found (Y/N) here… At first I thought I could do as I always had, and protect her by pushing her away, but now…”“I would never ‘urt ‘er” Red protested in disbelief.“You did.” Edge stated bluntly. “Believe what you wish, I know what happened… I do not blame you brother. You were not in your right mind.” Stars did he really hurt you? kill you? Red cared for you so much, he couldn’t even picture himself doing anything like that; hell, the idea of you accidentally harming yourself made his marrow turn cold. But here his brother was, telling him he’d done just that. “We can’t tell Classic. If I found out there were a chance ta get ya back and took it, ‘e will too. And we need a plan in case things go south.” Red mumbled conspiratorially, just loud enough for his brother to hear. “Agreed.” * It was late in the evening when Black returned to the house after spending the day with Hazel. Had circumstances been different, he would never have indulged her when you were in such a dire situation, but she was carrying his child.When he had received her phone call, all he could hear in the back of his mind was you telling him to go check on that baby; you were always so kind like that, especially when it came to children, it is why he had grown fond of you since returning from his world. Hazel had been fine of course, and so had his babybones. Black had no doubt she was just faking it all for attention, it would be just like her; for one, no one ever just ‘thought’ they were bleeding when it came to these kinds of things, and second, her tone had been so fake it was obviously a lie.Stars he hated her, but he would have to bide his time. He would have at least eight more months to wait before his child came into the world, possibly more; but as soon as they did, he would be fighting for custody, there was no doubt of that. After what Hazel had pulled with Princess and the egg, there was no way he would let her have any sort of control over his child; he would allow supervised visitation if she behaved herself, but nothing more. With a tired sigh Black made his way to your room, only hesitating momentarily at the sound of voices from within. All sound ceased at his knocking. “Hey bro,” Mutt smiled, peaking his head through the wall. Black gave him a tired and sour glare, “How’s the babybones?”“Well,” Black replied, watching his brother retreat back through the wall before opening the door.He visibly deflated more so (if that were even possible at this point) at the sight of your still comatose state. “Still no change?”“Na” came Mutt’s sad reply. “Did ya get my message?”“Yes. Were any of you aware of this soul bond?” Black asked curiously. They all shook their heads in reply. “It does explain a few things though.” Blue piped up from his seat beside you. “Like how we’re all so close so fast.”“Yea, feels like we’ve known her forever.” Stretch added from his seat at the windowsill, lifting his leg up into the frame and promptly knocking a vase out the window. It fell to the ground with a smash, frightening a fox that had been sniffing around below. He swore under his breath, staring down at the shattered porcelain.Blue rolled his eyes at his brother’s antics and turned back to the others. “Did you know?”“No, but I agree, it does explain many things.” Black replied, taking a seat beside you on the bed.“Do ya think Classic will try somethin’?” Mutt asked his brother in a hushed tone. He gave off a calm aura, but Black knew he was anything but; whenever there was a possibility you were in danger, no matter how small, his brother was always ready and willing to take up arms for you. Black had learnt that first hand.“No, he cares for her too deeply. That being said, it is always better to be prepared, even for the seemingly impossible; we would be wise to come up with a strategy to defend her if needed.” You grumbled, capturing all of their attentions. Your hand twitching in Blues as you slowly opened your eyes to their relieved faces.“Maiden!”“Honey!”“Darlin’!”“You’re making a habit of this, Angel.” Black commented with a smile, slowly helping you to sit while Blue ran to inform the others. * “Snow!” you gasped with childlike joy, staring out the kitchen window at the garden covered in a blanket of fresh glistening white. “Sans, Sans, look, snow!” you squealed, gesturing wildly at the window. He chuckled, smiling brightly at your enthusiasm while taking a sip from his steaming cup of coffee. Footsteps echoed in the hall signalling the rest of the house slowly shuffling down for breakfast. “Red, Red, look, snow!” you waved frantically at him, hoping he would be more excited about the news; he grumbled his acknowledgement, taking a nearby pouted momentarily before Black marched his way in, fixing himself a cup of coffee and coming round the counter to join the conversation.“Black look, snow!” you informed him eagerly, your gestures becoming more and more frantic.“I am aware” he smiled affectionately, a slight purple blush tinging his cheeks at the sparkle in your eyes.You huffed, watching him turn his attention to his phone. There had to be someone in this house just as excited about this as you were. As if on cue the sound of small bootsteps came rushing through the hall. “Princess, look snow!”“Really?!” she gasped, jumping up onto the kitchen sill to take a look. She squealed with excitement before rushing outside to play. Mutt slowly trudged along behind, giving you a ‘how could ya be so cruel ta me this early in the mornin’ darlin’?’ look as he passed.You pointed at her jumping up and down in a mound of snow as if to say ‘that, that’s the reaction I wanted.’“Sorry sunshine. It’s hard to be excited about snow when you’ve been surrounded by it your whole life.” Sans shrugged, taking a seat beside Red.“I suppose I’ll forgive you two,” you stated before turning to Black. “But you have no excuse.”“I am a grown adult. After you pass a certain age, the changes in weather no longer bring joy.” He explained away, pocketing his phone.“I’m excited.” You mumbled, deflating a little.“And it is adorable.” He smiled, walking over to you, and patting your head affectionately. The front door opened with a resounding slam, quickly followed by the sound of skidding footsteps.“Maiden, Maiden, snow!” Blue practically screamed in excitement, gesturing at the door he’d just come through, his eye lights sparkling and turning to stars.“I know!” you smiled, putting on the coat he quickly handed you, wrapping your arms around his neck and jumping onto his back with a squeal. * You stood frozen to the spot, surrounded on all sides by at least twenty floating snowballs; the air was thick with the scent of Sans magic. You screamed, covering your face as they all zoomed towards you bursting on impact, showering you in a flurry of icy crystals, their fragments glittering in the morning sun as they fell to your feet.“Sans this is snow joke, come out and face me!” you yelled, raising a snowball high above your head. You heard him snigger at your back. Jumping round you hurled your snowball in his direction, only for him to shortcut away at the last minute, leaving Edge (who had refused to take part in your silly game and only come out to check on Scamp) to take the blow, directly to the back of the skull. Your eyes widened as he turned with a growl, spotting you immediately and stomping up to tower over you.“I’m not sorry” you smiled, fighting back a chuckle.He raised his gloved hand to your head, rubbing an ungodly amount of snow into your hair with a snicker. You screamed with laughter, staring up at the tall skeleton’s triumphant smile. “Learned your lesson Dove?” he asked, a hand coming up to help brush the windswept hair from your face.“Nope, I regret nothing.”He tsked, rolling his eye lights playfully, a smile touching his teeth.Another barrage of snowballs came hurtling towards you, you held up your hands in a flimsy attempt to shield yourself from the oncoming attack.With a wave, Edge summoned a wall of bones, shielding the both of you. He grabbed a hold of your wrists, inspecting your cold, red fingers with a look of concern.“Where are your gloves?” he demanded, taking both your hands in his to keep them warm.“I don’t actually have any?” you confessed, your cheeks beginning to turn pink at his gentle touch.He stared down at you in disbelief. He shook his head with an exasperated sigh; taking off his gloves he handed them to you, his cheeks tinging red as you took them from him with a grateful smile and put them on.“You need to take better care of yourself. I can’t always be there to help you.” He wrapped his tattered scarf around your neck and promptly turned on his heel, marching back to the safety of the porch. The moment Edge’s bone wall vanished, Stretch was at your side, scooping you into his arms and dashing off, snowballs flying from every direction while he made for the safety of the playhouse. * “Stretch” you gasped breathlessly feeling him press himself into you.“Hush Honey, they’ll hear you.” he teased, his hands coming down to rest firmly on your hips.“Stretch” you pleaded, feeling the sticky wetness pool on your skin.“Shhhhh” he chuckled under his breath.“Stretch” you hissed, staring up into the tall skeleton’s sockets, his eye lights the only source of illumination in the tiny closet. “Why are we in the wardrobe? Why am I carrying snowballs in my pockets? and what else is in this hoodie? It’s so sticky.” You grimaced, pulling your hand out of the pocket, and wiping it over his black tank top. “I spilled some honey in there the other day, haven’t gotten round to washing it yet.” He shrugged, a cheeky smile touching his teeth.“Seriously?” you deadpanned. Footsteps echoed out in the hall. Stretch reached into the hoodie pockets, taking out several snowballs and gesturing for you to do the same; you held your breath.The footsteps came to a halt just outside the closet. A swift kick to the door had it swinging open with a bang, white orbs of snow quickly sprung from your hands, pelting your stunned victim. Stretch’s laughs echoed through the playhouse. He jumped out of the cupboard, you quickly following behind, a wide smile stretching across your face.“What a waste of a closet” Mutt chuckled, giving you a wink and shaking the snow off him like the dog he was named for. * You bounded back up the porch steps and straight into the lounge, making grabby hands when you spotted Red pulling a snowsuit on the new babybones.“Hey there Laochra” you cooed down at the little fella happily squirming in your arms. “You wana come see? Come on.”You stepped out into the back garden, Red clinging to your arm firmly when you climbed down the steps to greet Bear and Sugar.“Hey guys. Your garden ok?” you asked them, bouncing the baby in your arms.“Oh yes. Never fear, we have everything under control.” Sugar assured you, striking a hero pose as best he could with his cane. He was so adorable.“Glad to hear it” you smiled, letting Red lead you off towards the trees, Bear following behind after Red gave him a nod to join. The walk through the trees in the cool snowy air felt so good; the breeze blowing through your hair, the light bending through the trees to land on the snow-covered branches making them almost glow, the contentment you felt spending this moment with three of the people you loved, the conversation between you cheerful. It was all so beautiful. Laochra happily gurgled away in your arms while you all pointed things out to him, the end of his tail sticking out though his hood waggling with joy, his sockets widening, bright green eye lights blowing into saucers with wonder as he stared up at the icicles clinging to the tall branches. Too soon the sun began to fade behind the trees, you hadn’t noticed how achy you felt or how much you were shaking until those first few rays started to dim.You apparently had been the only one. Red and Bear had both sidled up to you, an arm each snaking round you to keep you upright, the others ready to catch the babybones, just in case. With a defeated sigh you handed Laochra over to Bear, his huge puffy hoodie practically engulfing him in warmth. He let the babybones chobble on his finger, watching you clamber up onto Red’s back for the journey home, a tired yawn escaping you as you snuggled into him. * “Hey guys. What are you looking at?” you asked Blue and Black, nudging a sleeping Stretch to taking a seat next to them by the fire.Stretch grumbled, rolling over to cuddle up to a dozing Mutt. You supressed a giggle, watching them cling to each other like children with stuffed toys. Black handed you a stack of leaflets with a hesitant smile. “You are always preaching this therapy thing; we thought it was high time we started looking into it.”“You’re going to therapy?” you gasped, throwing your arms around their necks, and pulling them into a tight hug.“We’re thinking about it.” Black replied when you finally pulled away, a light purple blush tinting his cheeks.“It’s not that big of a deal.” Blue mumbled, a hand coming up to sheepishly rub the back of his neck.“Are you kidding? This is a huge deal. Realising that you need help and actively looking into getting it is a huge step. I am so proud of you.” you gush, nestling in between the two and taking a good look over the leaflets.“We would appreciate your help. There are so many to choose from, it is all quite overwhelming” Black admitted, sifting through another bunch of pamphlets in front of him.“Of course. I’m always here for you, you know that.” You smiled, beginning to arrange the leaflets into types of therapy. * Stars did it feel good to be out of the chair and about town. Not that you didn’t appreciate all the fuss the boys were giving you, you just liked to be independent. You had finished all your errands for the day, now all that was left was to pick up Black from his thing with Hazel (apparently her parents wanted to meet him, since he was the father to her baby,) and then you could head off home. Rounding the corner, you came up on the coffee shop you were supposed to meet at.You hesitated momentarily, you really didn’t want to bump into Hazel again; maybe it would be best to just wait at the corner or something. With a sigh, you walked up to the café window to subtly get Black’s attention and tell him to meet you further up the street. Glancing over the tables you froze when you saw just who Black was talking to. You stumbled back, heart pounding in your chest, tears welling in your eyes, breaths coming out in panicked gasps. You bolted, fumbling for your phone, fighting the urge to vomit while you ran. He was here, he was here, and Black was with him.Stars Black was with him. No matter how much you willed your legs to turn back for your skeleton friend you just couldn’t; so strong was your fear it overpowered every ounce of your being. Your legs trembled as you made it into the monster district, your fingers still fumbling, trying to type in a contact, any contact. Recognising the name of a nearby establishment you ducked inside, running behind the bar and balling yourself up as small as you could go. You dropped your phone, your arms coming up to hug your legs close.The fire monster barkeep knelt beside you, his concern irradiating from him in waves. He places a gentle hand on your shoulder. You gasped, your gaze shooting up to bright white eyes behind rectangle spectacles. One look into your face and the elemental’s concern increased tenfold. He stood, speaking in a series of crackles and pops to someone before ducking into the backroom, returning swiftly with a tablecloth, and draping it over your shoulders. He passed you a nearby bucket and napkins, for which you were very grateful as you puked seconds later. The bar was eerily quiet as the moments dragged on, the silence only being broken by faint whispers and the sound of the fire monster mixing drinks while he stood guard over you. You didn’t know how long you spent curled up behind that bar, time stretching on for what seemed like an eternity. You gasped and sobbed into your knees fighting hard to try and forget that face. “Dove?” a familiar and unusually quiet voice whispered.Risking a glance, you looked up to find Edge knelt before you, his face a picture of worry.With a sob you flung your arms around his neck, the wails you’d been holding back for fear of being heard coming in droves as he held you in a tight embrace.

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