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So yet again another reminder about folders and deviation placements.

Why I say this again is because lately we've been having issues again, some people are still submitting wrong content into the club as well submitting them in the wring folder.

Some even are really hard to judge if it is like Icon or animation because some are submitted into the animation folder when the image itself isn't.

if it is like linked in the youtube channel and whatnot then please submit it in another folder if the image itself is not animated/gifed.

the other reasons some hasn't been accepted is because most of the time I have trouble looking at some of them, specially when it comes to Oc's.

Yes some comes described but there's still some that doesn't have descriptions or looks very awfully not into UT oc design if that makes sense but most of the oc's trouble are just because of me when I am not sure so i let the other Co-founders to decide for me and other than that I have been busy and in college doing stuff and when I am in brake I checked the club if something comes along and accepted or ask the makers of the deviation but if I don't comment that is because due to I assume some of you read the rules or have no time to sent a massage so i apologise if any.

Anyway I hope you guys understand and have a great weekend and on a side note I found something a little ridiculous for you guys to enjoy :V…

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