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3D Mini Tardis Perler Beads

This was made for my g/f, since she is a big Dr. Who buff. I've seen other 3D Tardis on DA, but of course, nearly all of them use outside objects like glue to layer the beads. Mine does not. 2 AA batteries here to kind of help show the size of this. Makes a good cubicle decoration!

This took a few hours to design the pattern and about 1 hour to actually make and assemble. Unfortunately, this one nearly depleted my Navy Blue beads, so I'll have to order more.

No glue, string, foam, or any other materials are used in this. This is made entirely with beads and nothing but beads. Customized Replicas are available for commission. I will NOT give out the pattern so you can make your own: If you want one, please purchase one!

3D Tardis Commission Price: Make an Offer + Shipping
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would you maybe share the pattern with me? o: i'm sorry to ask, but this would make a PERFECT christmas gift for a friend of mine. she loves Doctor Who to death and this would be a cute but simple thing for me to do for her.
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Can u also send me one? I love perler beads and I would die for doctor who and this pattern
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no, sorry! you'd have to ask Undertakoshi 
i promised not to share the pattern, so i'm not going to.
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So do I just send them a note
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you can comment on this deviation, their page, or note them.
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Sorry for the delay, not ignoring you, just haven't been online. Tell ya what, since this one is rather unique in its design and is quite fragile and no one has asked about this one before, I'll give it to you. Send me a note saying you promise not to share, repost, or reveal the pattern or the link to anyone else, nor will you sell these to anyone, and I'll send you the pattern as soon as I find it on my computer.
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of course! c: i sent you a note~ thank you!!
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Really cool craft, man!
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Simply.... remarkable!....
I saw this on a phone at ACen and was blown away, but now looking at it close up I am even more in awe. Just WOW.
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Yes, that would have been my g/f, and thank you, glad you like it. My 3D Mini Gameboy is pretty sweet too.
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How much for a replica?
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Huh, good question. I think I'm gonna put it at $15 + Shipping.
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That's awesome. :D
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