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Tall Sabine And Her Pet Rancor #2 by a0040pc Tall Sabine And Her Pet Rancor #2 :icona0040pc:a0040pc 15 6 Tall Sabine And Her Pet Rancor by a0040pc Tall Sabine And Her Pet Rancor :icona0040pc:a0040pc 17 0 Super Tall Sabine Meets Remy Jr. by a0040pc Super Tall Sabine Meets Remy Jr. :icona0040pc:a0040pc 26 4 Sabine: Chasing A Traitor by a0040pc Sabine: Chasing A Traitor :icona0040pc:a0040pc 26 14
Giant Sabine save the day
In Undersea Base. In giant Sabine Wren's bedroom. She's sleeping.
Ezra: (climbs to her) rise and shine Sabine.
Sabine: (yawns and stretches herself) what a nice sleep.
Ezra: so we're gonna do cool things here.
Sabine: yup. Like painting some arts.
In a hallway. Sabine paints an art of herself be worshipped by rebels on the wall.
Sabine: my new art.
Hera: cool. I see you like to be worshipped by fellow rebels.
Sabine: yes Hera. (kneels down) you guys are small and cute to me.
Hera: (smiles) indeed Sabine. We're glad that your explosives can make a symbol of hope.
Sabine: yup. I'm a big Mandalorian who brings hope to anyone.
RED Medic: this art is fascinating.
RED Heavy: you did well girl!
Sabine: (smiles) thanks guys.
Hera: your sense of art is noted.
A Science Dalek goes to Sabine.
Science Dalek: are the blueprints ready?
Sabine: sure. (gives the blueprints to him) here you go.
Science Dalek: thanks. (goes to a lab)
Hera: what's the new project you were working on?
Sabine: it's a surpr
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 8 32
Giant Sabine's day.
In Lothal. The Spectres fight against a squad of Stormtroopers.
Kanan: Spectre 2! We need the Ghost.
Hera: (on radio) okay Kanan. I'll get you there.
More Stormtroopers surround the rebels.
Stormtrooper commander: we have you surrounded rebel scums!
Zeb: we're screwed!
Ezra: we can do this.
Corrupt Bats enlarges Sabine.
Sabine: you're in big trouble bucketheads. (crushes many Stormtroopers to death) you guys are bugs to me. Boo.
The remaining Stormtroopers screams like girls and retreats out of fear.
Ezra: she's gigantic.
Zeb: she can use her size often in missions.
Kanan: this is awesome.
The Ghost arrives.
Hera: i'm here to pick you guys. (sees giant Sabine) omg. Spectre 5 is gigantic.
Sabine: yup. You are small to me Hera.
The rebels escape to a portal to Phoenix Home.
Stormtrooper: she's got a cute butt.
Stormtooper 2: control yourself mate.
Yogar Lyste: i don't think Vader's gonna like this.
In Imperial Complex.
Yogar Lyste: i don't know how that Mandalorian grew to giant size but
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 13 127
Not an Easy Prey Anymore by Arias87 Not an Easy Prey Anymore :iconarias87:Arias87 128 42 Trident Growth by Final7Darkness Trident Growth :iconfinal7darkness:Final7Darkness 130 3 [Request]  Justice League: Pregnant Enemies by JAM4077 [Request] Justice League: Pregnant Enemies :iconjam4077:JAM4077 454 51
Len Snarts and Mick Rorys Giganta Story
EDIT: Apparently I forgot to include Lens Picnic and update Lens Fire Trap!
First off, THANK YOU! Ya’ll make me feel like a treasure. When I post and tweet, I’ve got folks already chewing on my text within 10 minutes. Made my head swell right up. This post is kinda my tie-up or tie-down or tongue-tied wrapping up in pretty holiday paper of the wild ride.
Since I’m fairly sure these two #Rogues are done with me (though they are pretty shifty characters… well, Len is calculating… Mick is brutally honest) so here is their ENTIRE story in three easy payments… er, reading paths on Deviant Art. (Other format, like PDF or something to read offline, hit me up in comments or send me a message and I’ll see about putting it into a single read document)
EDIT: here is the all-in-one PDF:
    1.  Just burning up for Mick Rorys story? Start with <b>
:iconyellowpeep:YellowPeep 1 0
Mature content
DCAU Hunger Act 4: The Supper Table :iconpornwriter:pornwriter 4 0
Arrows Giant Problem
An #arrowverse story in eleven tweets... starring the evil #salmonladder, a vigilante, a speedster, two rogues & big trouble.
#LeonardSnart, #MickRory & #Giganta get captured by #OliverQueen & his crew during a job in #StarCity. #Arrow calls the #Flash take them in.
Len, Mick & Giganta are shackled to chairs in the #Arrow Lair. Len’s busy casing the joint, eyes bright. Mick is leaning back, snoring.
Giganta is hunched over, picking at the links, smiling at nothing. While waiting for #BarryAllen to show up, Oliver decides to workout
Oliver shucks his shirt & walks up to the #salmonladder setup. He grips the bar & grunts as he flexes & wiggles, slamming the bar up.
Oliver gets to the top, a burst of lightning & #Flash appears. Barry watches him then grins. Oliver raises an eyebrow in challenge.
Barry steps up to the bar then blows through an entire set in a blur of red and yellow. Dropping lightly to his feet, he grins cheekily.
Barry pulls out a high calorie bar. A large shadow fa
:iconyellowpeep:YellowPeep 2 0
They Grow Up So Fast: Edmunds Return
The portal had slammed shut behind Edmund before he had a chance to return for his device. His master would not be happy with him. His master would be even less happy that he had his transformation weapon taken from him.
However he had grown desperate to create new recruits for his masters dwindling army. With the passage of the laws for the military to not create giantess from their own people any more due to complications from the technology. Edmund and a few other recruiters had been sent to the earth realm to start grabbing recruits years ago. In the beginning they only needed one or two every few years.
Now though their enemy had gotten ahold of the same technology that they had. Now they were recruiting giantess of their own. Edmunds nation was on the verge of collapse. Most of his fellow recruiters had simply jumped ship in the past couple of years. Leaving their realm for the earth realm.
Edmund detested the idea of abandoning his home world but with no Giantess for their army
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 10 5
Villains as heroes - Giganta
After the events of justice league where the legion of doom teamed up with the Justice League, the legion of doom ran away to fend for themselves. While most members where willing to continue in their villainous, Giganta saw no reason to continue being a villain with Gorilla Grodd gone and no other villain to be loyal to, and appreciating her work helping the Justice League take Darkseid and his army (along with her feelins for Justice Leagie member, The Flash), Giganta became mentally ready to try and redeem herself as a hero. She just had to wait for the right moment to give the legion of doom the cold shoulder
One day, the legion of doom was carrying out a heist at a large military base to fund money for weaponry and began destroying the base, and the group wondered why Giganta wasn't being herself and being slow to act.
Then, to the utter horror of the legion of doom, Giganta turned on the group and tied them up, subduing them, and helped save innocent people who were trapped under
:iconjimma1300:Jimma1300 27 37
Mature content
VT 3 - Bonus - Giganta vs Ginormica the Rematch! :iconahsokafanboy:Ahsokafanboy 9 0
Mature content
VT 3 - Battle 28 - Giganta vs She-Hulk :iconahsokafanboy:Ahsokafanboy 16 6


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Thanks for the faves on  They Grow Up So FastCallie hated that her parents always left her with a babysitter. She was in her own mind grown up enough to be able to stay home alone for a little while.
Her parents on the other hand believed that 9 was still much too young to be left home alone.
Callie didn't dislike the girl her parents always had watch her it just kind of made her less than happy that they didn't think she was big enough to be home by herself.
As a matter of fact Jamie was one of her favorite people most of the time. Callie certainly looked up to her. She wanted to grow up and be just like her.
To Callie, Jamie was perfect. She blonde haired blue eyes. Jamie was tall and slender and as far as Callie was concerned she had a great body. Callie had on several occasions told Jamie just how pretty she was. Above all Callie was jealous of Jamie. She was jealous of her age and her freedom, she was jealous of the fact that she had breasts that Callie had not even started developing yet.
Really Callie felt what most young
 and  They Grow Up So Fast 2Callie looked down at her babysitter, as Jamie looked up at her charge. Something very strange had just happened and neither of them knew what to say or do. Jamie being the older of the two despite how they now looked was the first one to freak out.
“Holy shit, I’m a little kid. This is so not cool. My boobs are gone. I’m short again. This not cool man, not cool at all.” She was panicking. “How did this happen? Somebody did this to us. We have to fix it.” Jamie looked at Callie and knew almost instantly that any help she got would not come from the young girl.
Callie was transfixed on her body. “This is so awesome, it’s just like what I have always wanted. It’s just like I had always dreamed. I’m tall and skinny. I have boobs, this is amazing.”
Jamie wanted to try and reason with the girl but she wasn’t sure how to do so that would work. “It’s not all boobs and stuff Callie look at what it did to me. It
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