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Halo - Rewritten by Undersea-Beholder, literature

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Halo - Rewritten by Undersea-Beholder, literature


Halo - Rewritten by Undersea-Beholder, literature

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Note: None of the art on my profile or in my gallery is my own work. All works are from artists I have commissioned.

I don't really do much here beyond post my commissions and leave the occasional comment on someone's deviation. Currently involved in a For Honor Mermaid project.

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Evilin Lee
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Hello everyone! After three months of this contest being open, the time has finally come for it to be closed. Before I announce the winners, I just want to say that I did not expect such a large participation! Thank you all for allowing me to gaze upon many of 2B's iterations as a mermaid, and granting this merfolk lover such satisfaction. The wonderful people who participated: @Mhyon @MakotoZhyzn: @Honeypot06 @Ashdei-san: @jiangruna: @greenpigsfly: @MissBrutus: @Ashutosh276644: @Dioneiker: @StrawberryCakey: @Shiro-Shimizu: @shiori887: @YoruFox: @MegaGundamMan: @TheGamingCentaur: @Cyborg-Ninja-Z: @SilverKazeNinja: @LittleAsshole: @LeporidsFall: @ThomChen114: @DzynrChakry: Choosing winners was not easy. There have been great works made by you people, and so it took me some consideration. In the first place, @Dioneiker: and his wonderful rendition of 2B as an Orca-maid, a truly beautiful piece with a wonderful tail and a faithful representation of 2B! And in
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Hello everyone! While I applied to many different jobs this summer, nothing has yielded much result yet - and so I finally took the decision to open Writing Commissions. Of course, you are not going in on blind faith here: earlier today, I have uploaded a piece of Literature that I wrote for my own amusement, which you can find here: It should serve as a good example of how I write. For now, I will ONLY write one-shots! This may change in the future, but for now I will not do chapter-based stuff. Prices (by word count): 1000 - 1500: 10€ 1501 - 2000: 15€ 2001 - 2500: 20€ 2501 - 3000: 25€ 3001 - 3500: 30€ 3501 - 4000: 35€ 4001 - 4500: 40€ 4501 - 5000: 45€ So and so on, you get the idea. I will do both Original Fiction and Fan Fiction. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for whatever reason - however, once you pay me, I engage myself to deliver what you asked, or to give you a refund if I cannot. NSFW costs 20% more.
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Well, hi everyone! This is my very first contest, so I’ll do my best to make a straightforward starting post to all of this. The idea is honestly really, really simple: I want to see 2B from Nier Automata drawn as a mermaid. I’ve always wanted to see this idea done right, so here I am, hoping to see some of you out there up for the challenge! Prizes: Honest day’s work, honesty day’s pay. Cliché phrase, I know, but I mean it. First place prize will be 40 USD. If you are using euros, no worries - I will convert the money. Second place Prize will be 25 USD, once at least 10 submissions have been put out. Rules: The
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I saw the commission done by Sepi, I asked her, and now I'm asking you~

Who/What is your anglerboy waiting for?

Hi! Thank you for the watch! ^_^
You are more than welcome! Love you art.
Gosh, thank you so much :love:
Your merman character is so cute~! X3
Why thank you very much! :)