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She Knows (TG, AE, BE, AP, WG)


“She knows alright, there’s no way it’s not on purpose!” Will said ruefully

James looked up from his book at the raving mess in front of him. 

“Dude. Stop giving Cat so much credit. It’s not like she’s a criminal mastermind she’s just hot.” 

“No, look.” Will insisted 

“She knows that whenever she walks into a room with that ass and those tits she’s immediately the center of attention. And she uses that to get anything she wants!” 

“Yeah. That’s called being hot.” James stated flatly 

“No man it’s different. If someone hotter and blonder came into this classroom right now with a bigger ass and better pair of tits than hers, she would be powerless.” 

“Okay. And?” 

“Okay, and then she wouldn’t get away with being such a bitch all the time!” 

“Then wouldn’t the new girl just be a huge bitch?” 

“Shut up that’s not the point. I wish you could see this unfold like I’ve seen it in my head.” 

Will felt funny for a second, before his friend broke the spell.

“Okay and how’s that?” 

“How does it unfold in my head?” 


James tapped impatiently 

“Spin me a tale oh great storyteller.” He said with a healthy helping of sarcasm

“Fuckface. Alright so first of all Cat is seated on that side of the room.” Will said gesturing to the tables adjacent to them. 

“And then-“ just as he was about to continue he was cut off by the bombshell Catherine walking through the door and sitting on the far side of the classroom, checking her phone.

“That was odd.” Added James

“Never mind dude lemme finish. So Cat’s sitting over there being adored and then suddenly in walks this new girl.” 

“Uhuh. What’s she like.” James asked, disinterested

“Well she’s got this really hot breathy voice, barely above a whisper. Really sexy eyes too. Practically the perfect nose.” 

“This girl sou-“ James started, getting cut off suddenly by a coughing fit. “Sounds great, is what I was saying” he finished in a much more pleasing tone. 

His eyes suddenly felt very dry prompting him to blink a few times. When he opened them back up they were wider and more welcoming. He scrunched up his nose involuntarily making it thinner and cuter on a now fairly androgynous face. 

“Lips kinda like Cat’s, but also way better. Like bigger, but also the perfect size for her face. Basically everything about her face is super hot you get me?” 

“Woah, bigger than Cat’s? Dude her lips are the biggest I’ve ever seen on someone our age.” 

Jamie’s lips began to swell, and swell, and swell some more. And in no time they were sensuous bee stung pillows. The rest of his face morphed and shifted until it was undoubtably female. 

“She’s really super feminine all over.” Will said dreamily

Jamie cringed a little as he became one of the fairer sex in an instant. Her limbs and extremities thinned into daintiness, as she lost a few inches standing at just 5”5”. Her skin became void of blemishes and her back arched fiercely into an S shape. A cup breasts budded out from her chest, and her ass became a petite little fixture. 


Janie panted obliviously

“What else?” 

“Well I’d say she looks like she’s at least in her mid twenties, even though she’s only a senior like us. Like I’m talkin’ curves for days! Giant ass and tits that makes Cat look flat.”

“Isn’t Catherine 36-34-36? And like pushing a D?” 

“Oh and she’s got like that sexy fat thing going on, where the extra padding makes her even hotter.” Will continued as if in a trance

“She’s got what?!” Jane asked desperately

Jane’s once slim stomach began to bloat and jiggle. It swelled out into the waistband of her camo sweats before stabilizing at a round tummy. From her bulging belly waves of fat seemed to ripple outward like a rock dropped into a basin. 

She gasped as the fat began to thicken her chest. The zipper on her sweatshirt raced downwards and squeezed painfully as Jane swelled. She tried to say something but between the otherworldly feeling and static in her arms she couldn't quite get it out.

The seams finally gave way as Jane’s breasts gained up to F-Cups. She practically toppled backwards off the stool she sat on as her center of gravity shifted. 

Her tightly toned buttocks wobbled and swelled as if being pumped full of gelatin. 

Her legs became thicker and more shapely, her hips were growing wider, and her thighs and ass were quickly filling out with curves. 

These couldn’t be the curves of a senior, could they? 

The sweat pants survived, hugging tightly to her new curves, but a snapping and tearing sound heralded the death of her underwear.

Her arms and legs thickened to match the rest of her body, losing their ladylike fragility in the process. Jane’s graceful fingers became heavily plumped. 

“She’s got like that thing where she’s meaty, but it only makes her hotter. Like she looks even better than she would skinny you know?” 

The look of shock on Jane’s face was overtaken by a wave of sensation. 

Her skin bounced and flowed like butter as the fat poured in. The face she was left with was that of a plus sized girl next door.

Jane examined her new body. Cupping an enlarged breast in one had she felt the puffiness of her stomach with the other.

“So basically that girl walks in and everyone stares at her.”

As Will Rambled, Jane found herself compelled to walk over to the back of the classroom and stand at the door. She realized that everyone in the room had turned to face her. Even Cat had a look of surly jealously on her face.

“And she knows she’s hot so she just drinks it all in. Oh I forgot to say she's blonde. Blonder than Cat though, like full on hot blonde."

Jane cocked a hip and pursed her lips into a sensual pout as long golden locks fell across her face. She was sexy and she knew it. 

“I guess how it plays out in my head after that is basically, she comes over and sits next to me, showing off her figure and begging to be taken advantage of.”

Jane did just that. She swung her wide womanly hips as she walked towards Will, before sitting down next to him.

“Hey...” she said in a hushed tone 


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