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Dry Bones Plush by underscape Dry Bones Plush :iconunderscape:underscape 5 3
To Seek a Sique Chpt 09
Chapter Nine
About Princess Bethany
It was a tiny dress, even for her, and that was saying something. It had no straps to speak of and was so short that the loose slinky skirt half barely covered her backside at all. However, the material itself was very soft and smooth, she guessed it was made of silk just by its look, and it was decorated with a pattern of finely polished little white shells. It was very suiting for a sea-side city.
Since he planned to leave after dark, the sique also adorned her with a small white jacket in case it got chilly. It was all much too revealing for her taste, but she was so relieved to be in a new, clean outfit that she didn't mind so much. That is, until they arrived at Keep's planned destination.
It was a boat. But not like any boat Sampa had ever seen in her life. It was enormous and classy, absolutely gorgeous in every way, with many beautiful rich looking people boarding it along a brilliant red carpet. Along is massive side, in lovely curly
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DesertDes Witch Doctor by underscape DesertDes Witch Doctor :iconunderscape:underscape 2 0
To Seek a Sique Chpt 08
Chapter Eight
About Climbing
The sique was so upset that he didn't whisk them away back to the factory the same way he'd brought them there. Somewhere between the park and the bus monster station, he sadly rolled over himself like a blob of pathetic mush and became a man again. His clothes and hair were clean and showed no signs of the burn marks from before. He didn't speak a word to anyone on the very long bus monster ride back toward the coast, and his black hair hung in his face to shield his eyes in shadow.
It took quite a long time to follow him back to the factory in the twisty-turning way that Gida had taken her the first time. He was so mopey and slow that it gave Sampa a chance to try and keep track of the path so she could follow it back. She wished she had enough time to stop and make a map, but she would have to cope with simply trying to remember.
“Come on now, you big baby,” Gida kept saying the entire way back, “you're going to survive. Perk up,
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 07
Chapter Seven
About Keeper
When she awoke, she was lying on what felt like a thick, shaggy carpet. It was soft and warm and she didn't want to open her eyes. She was convinced that as soon as she did it would evaporate and she would be left on the hard, cold ground where she had fallen asleep.
But it didn't. She sat up and looked around. The soft shagginess was the fur of a giant stuff bear and, judging from the assortment of different objects around her, she guessed she was back in the toy factory. She wanted to panic but it was too bright and cheerful for her to be afraid. The sun was shining in through the windows and there was a soft and sleepy tune playing in the air. She thought she saw some of the statues around her bobbing their heads to it, but when she turned to look at them, they immediately stopped.
“She's awake!” The face of a red headed little girl popped up from nowhere.
Sampa yelped.
The little girl darted at light-speed around the room, waving her ar
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 06
Chapter Six
About a Cat
Sampa had awakened long before anyone had come to fetch her. When she first opened her eyes in a strange, hard bed, she shot up in an confused panic and was unable to get back to sleep when she remembered all that had taken place the night before. Without anything to change into, she'd slept in her undergarments and pulled her priestess uniform back on once she was up. She was ashamed of herself for not listening to Iniabi when he suggested bringing other clothes.
There was a small dusty mirror over a sink in her room. She did her best to straighten the wrinkles in her uniform and spent nearly an hour letting her hair out of its braid, washing it as best as she could, and retying it back the way it was. By the time she was finished, she didn't look much better than she had when she started but she at least felt cleaner.
“Good, you're already up,” someone poked her head in the door without even knocking. This made Sampa uncomfortable about her
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 05
Chapter Five
About the Iron Axe
She was stricken with awe and confusion at what had just happened to her. She was so sure that he had been the Gida Iniabi had told her about. That he wasn't meant there was someone even more useful than an angel out there to help her. She didn't know whether she was inspired and grateful, or overwhelmed.
Deciding to confront the issue in the morning, she descended the stairs to the building's entrance. The pink light was coming from two windows on either side of a tightly shut door. The glass of the windows was misty and she couldn't see inside. However, it was the man standing outside of the door that made her suddenly feel very unsure about the place.
He was extraordinarily tall: easily the tallest man she had ever seen in her life. Only his width was more impressive. He was bulging from head to toe with massive muscles and oversized bones. If he made the wrong move or flexed the wrong muscle, she was sure he would explode out of the black shir
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 04
Chapter Four
About San Francisco
Sampa stepped through the light to the other side of the door. To her surprise, she found herself outside. She thought she would surely end up in another temple in a far away land, but what she saw wasn't at all what she expected. She was not only outside, but she was standing on a strange metal staircase surrounded by a group of what could have been hundreds of strangely dressed people. Many of them were as milky white as Iniabi but not nearly as lovely.
“Hey!” someone shouted at her from behind. “On or off! Make up your mind!”
“We're all waiting back here!” someone else barked.
“Get off the bus!”
She realized she was standing in the middle of a narrow, metal doorway with a small line of people behind her. They were squeezed between two rows of green seats within some kind of large tube. She hopped down out of their way and onto hard, gray ground beneath her. She was not familiar with such stone.
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 03
Chapter Three
About Siques
“Angel Iniabi,” the High Priestess bowed her head to the angel as she entered his quarters that evening.
He was sitting proudly upright in the center of the room. Four deep red pillars encased him in an elevated square. The room was dark, the only thing within that shown brightly was the angel himself. His golden eyes were closed when she first began to approach, but slowly opened as she grew closer. Even she, who had been working for the angel most of her life, was taken aback at the sight of him.
He was a glorious figure when he wasn't covered in cake.
“I have come here to ask you to take pity on the child Joni and her sister Sampa,” she explained.
“I know,” he replied. His mysterious and deep voice made her tremble. She bit the inside of her lip when she noticed that his wings, though folded, were visible behind him.
“Are you still upset?” she inquired as a grandmother might speak to her grandson while
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 02
Chapter Two
About Sahar
“I don't feel good,” Joni had begun to complain on their way to speak with the angel.
“You're not getting out of this so easily,” Sampa promised.
They were coming up on the doors of the angel's personal quarters. A hundred different attendants were flocking in and out carrying wet towels, combs, soaps, various perfumes, and jars of other things Sampa could only imagine. They pampered their angel more than they pampered their own royalty, she observed. A quick bath would have been all it took to clean off the cake, but a quick bath wouldn't be enough to show Iniabi just how much his people loved and appreciated him.
Sampa approached a footman standing by the massive doors.
“We would like to see the angel Iniabi,” she said to him. She passed a glare in Joni's direction and added, “My sister has something she wants to say to him.”
“The angel Iniabi will see no one at this time,” he replied. “I
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To Seek a Sique Chpt 01
Chapter One
About Cake
Sampa adjusted her headdress on her dark braided hair. Its dangling metal ornaments hung around her ears and complimented her light cream and green uniform. She had been looking forward to wearing it since she was a small girl, and it was every bit as fulfilling as she had always imagined despite being incurably crooked.
“I vow to serve thee and that which thou serves,” she recited as she looked over her priestess garb in the small pond she stood over. She couldn't even remember when she had begun training for this day, it was so long ago, and now she would finally face the angel Iniabi and become a servant of the Temple of Heaven.
Many other priests and priestesses had already gathered for the ceremony and were kneeling before a great altar where the angel would sit when he arrived. If she peaked out from beyond the secluded pond area, she could see the backs of their heads. The green in their uniforms matched the many plants that grew all up
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