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Please note that even though this group is up for adoption it will continue to run as normal until a new founder takes over. Please continue to submit art or join if you are interested.

Underrated-Canids (and sister channels: AfricanWildDogFan and Support-Wild-Dogs ) is/are up for adoption and in need of a new Founder. If you are interested in leading this group(s), or know someone who is interested in leading this group(s) then please either note katt315 or the group: Underrated-Canids with the title of 'Founder position'. I would like to thank all who have been a part of this group's journey and hope you continue to be a part of it for when a new founder arrives.

I have been on this website for twelve years and have long since lost my passion for DeviantART and it's content. In fact, I personally wanted to leave this website years ago but my groups stopped me from doing that. I was hoping that with a short hiatus a spark of love would be rekindled for my groups so I could continue leading them just like how I led them during the most busiest and active times. However - unfortunately the spark never came back and instead has only reinforced the need to pass these groups on to someone who is interested in said group's focus.

Time, money and energy have been spent on these groups and thus made the situation difficult in thinking of stepping down. However I cannot be selfish and hold on to the groups just because of these aforementioned things. Not if there is someone who is fresh, active and competitive and wants to continue this group(s) interests.

Expectations for the new founder of Underrated-Canids

1. Be interested in the group's focus and goals (these can be changed if you become Founder)
2. Have good communication and English skills
3. Be willing to contribute time and effort in to making this group bigger and better
4. Inviting new people to the groups
5. sorting out folders and accepting/declining incoming submissions to the group's galleries
6. Helping and communicating with Affiliates
7. Being active on DeviantART and holding events in the groups such as contests
8. Know some basic CSS skills or having some knowledge of CSS coding so that if the group's status turns super then new and interesting journal layouts can be applied.
9. Be helpful

Once again to those who have contributed to this group either from being a member, affiliate, submitting artworks, spreading awareness or reading the articles we have published then thank you for helping us to achieve our goals.

~Current Founder of:

:iconunderrated-canids:, :iconafricanwilddogfan: and :iconsupport-wild-dogs:
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There's no such thing as "overrated" or "underrated" canids. All animals are citizens of this planet and don't deserve to be labeled as such. Also, you do realize that humans are animals, right? Not only is disallowing humans and only animals hypocritical, but it's also misanthropy.
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