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Hello, everybody! This group is for unpopular Anthros that have been overshadowed by mainstream animals. Let's give them a chance in the spotlight, shall we?

NOTE: This group only features animal species that are underrated. It does not matter how many pageviews or watchers you have. Anybody can submit here as long as they are drawing unpopular species of animals. Please check the lists below to see what species we accept and those we don't accept. Please read the rules before joining or submitting.



-Anybody can join, regardless if you plan on submitting art or not.

-You don't have to be a member to submit to this group's gallery. But, I would appreciate it if you did join if you plan on submitting lots of pictures here.

:bulletpurple:~Submitting art~:bulletpurple:

-If it doesn't belong on Deviant Art, it doesn't belong here. So that means no porn. However, mature content is allowed. (both sexual mature and gory mature) Questions? Read DA's mature submissions rules.

-Since this is an anthro group, only anthro art is allowed. No kemonomimi please. Ferals are welcome here. And please only submit art. No photography, please. However, sculptures and cosplays are always welcome!

-We accept Original Characters, Fan Characters, Fan Art
Fan art characters must conform to our acceptable species rules
Commissions, Random Characters, Adoptables, etc. Basically any Anthro character is allowed, as long as it's Under Rated.
-YCH's are not accepted unless they are a finalized character. We need to know what the final character is, and it must be under Rated.

-You don't have to be an artistic genius. But please only submit your best works. Ones that you are truly proud of.

-Please submit to the right folder. It makes our job easier.

-Submission limit is 4 per day.

What do we consider to be 'under appreciated'? Well, lemme tell ya.

:bulletgreen:Animals we Accept:bulletgreen:

Most any kind of animal no one else draws
-Most Mammals and Marsupials
-Any kind of insect and arachnid
-Fish or marine aquatic mammals and Pinnipeds
-All birds and fowl
-Scalies, snakes, reptiles, dinos
-Primates (Apes, Monkeys, Lemures, etc)
-Hybrids, alien anthros, and made up species
(Hybrids must be predominately an Under Rated Species)
-Fantasy creatures (Example, a mer-aroo is fine, a mer-wolf is
not UnderRated
That is all the animals I can think of right now, I'm sure there are lots that I am leaving out. If there are any animals that you think are under appreciated, then please do tell me!

We also accept anthros that aren't animals; inanimate objects that are humanoid. (ex, like lamposts and clouds that are humanized.)

:bulletred:Animals we do not accept:bulletred:

-Domestic Cats
-Wild cats, like lions an tigers and panthers, etc
-Domestic Dogs
-wolves (put wings or horns on it and it's still a wolf)
-wild dogs
-bunnies, rabbits, hares
-squirrels and chipmunks
-rats and mice
-Pokemon, Digimon
- My Little Ponies (anthro horses are accepted as long as they are not drawn in MLP style)
-mermaids (half human)
-taurs, anything that is half-human half-animal (like centaurs)

These are all mainstream animals. They get enough attention, so they don't belong here. If I have left out any popular animals, then please let me know.

:bulletpurple:~Other Stuff You May Wanna Know~:bulletpurple:

-A mainstream anthro or a human may be in the picture with the unpopular anthro as long as they don't take the focus away from the unpopular anthro.

-For hybrids, it is okay if the hybrid is a combination of a mainstream anthro and a unpopular antho.
(EX. a squirrel and weasel hybrid is fine.)
But please make sure that your hybrids don't resemble the mainstream animal too much. We must be able to see traits of both animals.
A wolf with wings is still a wolf, and not UnderRated
The hybrid may also be a combo of mainstream animals. But please make sure that it is easy to tell that the animal is a hybrid. Don't submit mainstream hybrids if the animals combined are similar-looking.
(EX, a squirrel and chipmunk hybrid would not be allowed because they are similar animals.)
(EX, a lion, rabbit, and dragon hybrid would be fine because the result would be a really odd-looking animal and that is what we like!)

And of course, hybrids of 2 or more unpopular animals are always welcome!
(EX, a lemur and cow hybrid is absolutely fine!)

- We accept Mature Rated material as long as it is tasteful and artistic. Any image labeled MATURE will be voted on by our administrators.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT PORNOGRAPHY. There are group galleries that do. Please do not be offended if your submission is rejected.
- The definition of pornography:
Pictures, movies, or literature, etc., that show or describe naked people or sex in a very open or exagerated way in order to cause sexual excitement, to titillate or cause sexual arousal ;
The depiction of erotic behavior (in pictures or writing) INTENDED to cause sexual excitement.

- If you have any questions about what we accept, don't be afraid to ask

-Want to affiliate? Great! send us a request! We'd love to be allies!

-Please be nice. No stealing from others. No trolling.

~If you have any questions, then please let me know! I don't bite and I don't bark~!


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The mouse goes on a journey by KateVoynova
Badger Lord by ElbenherzArt
The MeerKaptain by Theladywolfheart
Education by MarquisAmon
Digital Art
Goth Boi by fluffyasmo
Brie by Bethwithart
Cordelia by Bethwithart
Nurse Delirium by Bethwithart
Traditional Art
Jeremy Weed - Head Sketch by AnthroLoverJay
Kera Larani - Full Body (Sketch) by AnthroLoverJay
Silas Acidburn - Stats by AnthroLoverJay
Chelsea Vega - Stats by AnthroLoverJay
Sculptures and Crafts
SIDER adopt auction open by barawka15
A touch of a third dimension by Bjekkergauken
Meeting near the waterfall by Mutabi
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Mixed Media and 3D
A Pixel Otter! by TeslatheDog
Northern Lights by K4nK4n
Hacking the Falmer by K4nK4n
Across icy waters by K4nK4n
TG TF: Bonnie Mouse,Lucas liked the Elysian Tail games. He even got to know Dust: An Elysian Tail. Dust came upon a sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah, and its guardian Fidget. Without memories of his past, Dust followed Fidget's advice and aided the population of the world against forces led by General Gaius. The game was an action-adventure game with Metroidvania-style exploration, requiring the player to gain power-ups to allow Dust to reach new areas. Combat was based on brawler-like mechanics, where Dust could use a combination of swordplay and magic from Fidget to defeat enemies. Dodrill compiled nearly all of the game's programming and assets himself, relying only on external help for voice acting, narrative, and the game's soundtrack. Luke had heard about a movie of Elysian Tail. What he liked about the movie was Bonnie the mouse. A problem was that the movie didn't actually air. Luke wanted to know what Bonnie was like and he wanted to know her voice. It was said that she was voiced by Elizabeth Dodrill but that didn't help with an idea of her voice.One day Luke came across a site saying that it wanted ideas for the Elysian Tail movie. So he checked it out. There was a page where anyone on the site could choose a character for ideas of what that character could do. So Luke clicked on Bonnie. Then the strangest things happened. The world around him disappeared and soon he was left in darkness.Then his shoes and socks disappeared and his feet began to get longer, thicker, rounder at the tops, and flatter at the bottoms. They changed from 5 toes to 3 toes and the middle toe was bigger than the other 2. Where the toes connected with the rest of the feet seemed to fill in more so that the toes were more like the rest of his feet. His feet started to grow tan fur. The fur started growing up his legs as they thinned out and lost muscle. As the fur got to his waist his hips widened and his pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them. His backside grew bigger and he also grew a long thin tail. His trousers and underpants turned into a pale-light turquoise-blue warrior ensemble bikini bottom. As the fur grew up his tummy he seemed to lose some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. He grew 2 breasts and his nipples grew longer and harder. His shoulders cracked inwards and his arms thinned out as they grew fur. As his hands shrank and grew fur they went from 4 fingers and a thumb to 3 fingers and a thumb. His jumper and shirt turned into a warrior ensemble crop top the same colour as the bikini bottom. His neck thinned out as it grew fur and his Adam's Apple disappeared. The sides of his face stretched out as he felt a little more fur and more skin widen the width of his head. His mouth, which was now covered in fur, became wider as well as it moulded itself into a slight muzzle. He lost his canine teeth, went down to 12 molars, and the only incisors he had left were his four front teeth. He could tell from the aching of his front teeth that they were becoming sharper. His nose shrank and turned the darker tan of his fur. His ears grew, went up his head and got round, enhancing his hearing and they were the darker tan on the outside and the lighter inside. His eyes turned orangey brown and they got bigger and his lashes grew to. His eyebrows got thinner. Finally the hair on his head turned ultramarine blue and grew approximately down to his waist.Luke had been completely transformed into the physical form of Bonnie the mouse. Then he heard a voice. "Well done for choosing Bonnie" said the voice. "In a moment you'll enter the world of Elysian Tail and begin your training. You'll have to learn to use the mystic blade and hover cycle if you're gonna give us good ideas as to what the movie is gonna be like. Are you ready?" Luke was a little scared but he was willing to go. "I'm ready" he said. Although he did feel good with the voice he had. "Then lets begin" said the voice.Lights turned up and Luke was in a village with some trees. He guessed the building in front of him was where he was gonna live for the time being. So he went inside and found his room, weapons, and transportation. So he got started on learning what it was like to be Bonnie.
Writing Commissions Open!I am taking writing commissions again!  Updated my fandom list and rules just a little bit and here you go: Examples of my work: ( 12, 3 ) I also have this tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories. :) I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers (specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you don’t see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didn’t list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether I’m okay with it or not)If I haven’t mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)
Amos and AngelinaApril 4th, 1964 outside of New Orleans Louisiana. A Pinecrest Green and White 1956 2 door Chevy pulls up to a gas station, inside this car is a 6-foot male alligator in a worn-out gray suit driving the car and a 5’5 female raccoon in a dirt red summer dress with a pearl necklace in the passenger seat. The alligator hopes out of the car, “I’m gonna be in and out, anything you want?” The alligator titles the Raccoon’s head to face him. “Give me a pack of Encores and a bottle of coke please, Amos.” “Alright, Angelina, be back within 5 minutes.” Amos enters the gas station. Angelina leans back and pulls out a pocket mirror, “Dammit Amos, ruined one of my good dresses, he should know we’re not in Mississippi no more.” A 1963 Louisiana state police Ford Custom 500 pulls up behind the Chevy. Angelina straightens up when she sees a 5’9 state trooper Bloodhound walk up to the Chevy. The Trooper knocks on the window and singles her to roll it down. Angelina follows suit. “Good morning madam.” “Good morning officer.” “Do you own this car, madam?” “Oh no my… Boyfriend owns it.” “Hmm… Where is he?” “Oh, he’s inside taking a rest.” “Can you get out of the car for me?” “What? You don’t have a warrant to do that!” “Madam I just asked you to get out of the-” 2 gunshots come from the gas station and Amos runs out with a sack of cash, and a glass bottle of Coke-a-Cola in the other. “Sumbitch!” The Bloodhound pulls out his gun. Angelia opens the door to knock the Bloodhound back while Amos jumps into the Chevy. “Here you go!” Amos hands the bottle of Coke and a pack of cigarettes from his front pocket. He speeds off, running over the Trooper’s foot. The trooper holds on to his foot while a 5’4 fat bulldog comes out with a double-barrel shotgun. The Bulldog took aim and shot out the rear window of the Chevy. “I thought you said that was going to be a quick in and out job?” Angelina asks. “Didn’t know about the manger in the back, but hey I got your coke and cigarettes.” “I asked for Encores, not Newports.” “They didn’t have any Encores close enough for me to hind.” The Trooper rams into the back of the Chevy. “What now!” Amos shouts. Angelina looks into the mirror to see not only that Trooper is on their tail, but also a worn-out blue 1954 GMC Tow truck with that same Bulldog aiming that shotgun at them. “Duck!” Angelina pulls Amos' head down while the bulldog shoots into the dash, putting holes everywhere and cracking the gauges. “Oh come on I just got this car!” Amos shouts. Angelina pulls out the 6-shooter from her purse and takes aim at the Police Car. Angelina shoots out the front passenger tire causing the Ford to pull to the side of the road. The GMC rams into the Chevy again, causing Angelina to drop the gun. “Shit! Amos, do you have another gun?” “You lost the gun!” “They rammed us, sorry!” “Okay okay okay, I got a stupid idea.” Amos turns to head-on traffic as does the GMC. “Amos, are you sure of this idea?” “Nope,” Amos swerves around a 4 door red 59 Impala. “Are we going to die?” “Don’t say that yet.” Two big rigs are side by side in front of them. Amos swerves back into the right lane while the GMC swerves off of the road. “What did I say! I told you we will survive!” Amos howlers. “Um Amos, did you remember to fill up on gas?” “What?” The Chevy breaks down and pulls over on the side of the road. “Goddammit!” Amos shouts. Angelina gets out, pulls her briefcase out of the back, and starts to hitchhike. “What are you doing?” “You will see. Actually, hide behind the car real quick.” Amos duck behind the Chevy. A minty green 2 door 1958 Plymouth Fury pulls up to Angelina. A cat with glasses opens the door. “Why what a fine young lady like yourself doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” “Robbing you.” Angelina kicks the cat out of the car and pulls up the Amos. “Get in!” She commends. Amos hopes into the car with the cash. “Damn you are one smart girl.” “That’s how you make it here, we’re not in Mississippi no more Amos.”The couple drives off into the sunrise and enters the city of New Orleans....
walkin' GIF by Toku17
Enrics celshaded walk cycle GIF by Enricthepenguin92
Enric's walk cycle GIF by Enricthepenguin92
Enric's walk cycle ANIMATED GIF by Enricthepenguin92
Stamps and Icons
Finished Animation - Shanji walk cycle by RazorbillAnimation
Arkumida by Axic0n
Kaboo intensifies by FangRatPhotos
Shocked intensified Skunk icon by FangRatPhotos
Misc and Character References
Jasper and Astra by Gloryrain
Fenn by AspenWynd
71-4L the Strong Friendly Retro Robot by Spinopsys
SULFURHAST - General sheet by YokaMycelium
Cartoons and Comics
Avania Comic - Issue No.4, Page 19 by Tristikov
Avania Comic - Issue No.4, Page 20 by Tristikov
Avania Comic - Issue No.4, Page 21 by Tristikov
Forember - Melany and Genki by KallyPanaStudios
Fan Art
urAc the Scribe by GearGades
Dragons, Fantasy and Hybrids
Sahira's Domain - PsychoWolFFy by IncredibleIntruder
Non-Animal Anthros
Guardians of Chicago by xTheSpirex
Digital Art 2
Elephant cuddles by DitaDiPolvere
[CM] Look here by EirlanCostaris
Multiple Characters
Torque's Big Heavy Toolboxes by Spinopsys
Insects and Arachnids
Lady Bug Walking Upstares and Upskirt by SteLo-Productions95
Flippers and Fins
Froggy time [C] by Ivanna-Fox
Hooves 'n horns
Effie the Cow by Andibi
Hey everyone! While sifting through submissions I have noticed quite a lot of submissions that come through that don't fit the theme of the group. Remember, we are are group that accepts non-traditional anthro species. So no cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. We have a very detailed list on our front page explaining what we consider. Please review this before you submit. Overtime, the list may change due to what is popular. And, you can always ask the admins.
Also! We have many folders to submit to. Please try to choose the folder that narrows down your submission as best as possible. Sometimes, your submission could belong to multiple different folders and that's okay. Just choose the one that best describes your character. The Digital art and Traditional art folders are the vaguest folder and should be chosen if no other folder is specific enough. Fan Art trumps all other folders. If you draw any kind of canon character, you need to submit here. Featured folder is for Admin suggested art.
For example...
You draw an OC using digital media of a shark anthro character. The Flippers and Fins folder is your best option.
You draw FanArt of Gazelle from ZooTopia using traditional media. You would put her in the FanArt folder instead of the Hooves and Horns folder or traditional art folder.
Any questions please ask.
Thank you for reading.
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Group Info

This is a group for under appreciated anthros.This group is dedicated to anthro species who deserve more attention. This is a group lets unconventional types of anthropomorphic animals shine in their own spotlight.

Thanks to RedCoaster, Skittycat, LordDominic, MrSman5, and Arnilo for giving me permission to feature their art in the Group Icon.
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