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What an ass

So I noticed something in a way I draw Chryssi that is a bit different from other artists. And then this idea came to mind.
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And this is why I hate Cadence and Celestia :3

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Awww poor luv bug! *Hugs*
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Cadence, "Will you let things be if we tell you we're sorry about your ears? We didn't even really make fun of them."

Chrysalis, "NO!"
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And that's why she invaded Canterlot. XD
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All because of a pair of ears! :rofl:
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Disproportionate retribution much, Chrysalis? XD
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Awww Chrysalis! It's okay! *hugs*
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I just wanna hug her and give her all the love I have.
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Waaaah! I love her i give her all my love
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Same, I don't even call her by her full name these days, just "The Queen" XD
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Lol actually i draw her slightly off too, i make her eye lashes twirl at the ends to look more bug like... hard to explain XD
BelgianWaffleArt's avatar
Awww I wanna hug her now
dakotadugger's avatar
Aww nuuu, Chryssi is too cute I hate to see her cry DX 
Dark-Fang-The-Dragon's avatar
Aaaww, it's ok Chrissi, my ears are freakishly large too
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Awww poor Chryssi! I know how you feel!:( (Sad) 
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Don't worry Chryssi. There is one pink fluffy pony who will always think your perfect no matter what. Fluffle Puff: *Pet pet* 
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Liensis: Don't worry, Chryssi, they are jealous about how cute you look with those ears!
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Chrysalis as a good guy someday
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She's good at being bad and that's good 
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ouch. poor chrys!Sad dummy 
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I thought you posted this already. And I like her ears that way. My changeling has donkey like ears himself! I think princesses are jealous of chrysie
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