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Welcome to Las Pegas

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"Look at all those filthy profligates."
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dang derp. you yer own pony!*snap and point*respect!
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The New Coltifornia Republic will not rest. The Legion can count on it.
Except, They Must've Lost. (Looking At The Picture)
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Derpy's will is the will of the muffin.
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*emerges from room after [insert outrageous amount of time here] of fallout 4, sees this, turns around and promptly begins another fallout binge* Someone help me! 
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If this Derpy's legion, I wonder who's in control with the New Califoalnia Republic.
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I came. I saw. I ate muffins.
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very impressive work!
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:salute: Ave, true to Derpius!
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Derpy is best soldier? Should probably read FoE someday...or play Fallout. Anyways, awesome work as usual~ :D
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reminds me of a soldier of Sparta, coming back home alive!
looks good!
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THIS... IS>>> DERPY!!!!
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and what a derpy!
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Laying but every order!
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