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Walk In Harmony

that's enough Overwatch for today
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what a trash poorly made overhyped game
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my hatred for that game died down to where i wont say that stuff anymore but i will still say overwatch sucks
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:iconplak1plz::iconplak6plz: fuck off faggot that game needs to die and all that play it need to die

paladins > trash overwatch
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Now I know what Celestia's zen state is. =P
Lars99's avatar
Celestia in her happy mood! :D
Nav-Ebon's avatar
Praise the sun.
Mokey1980s's avatar

....must play Celyatta now
Kujiiro's avatar
Nice. That made me smile.
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconshiningarmorplz: "I can't even... :facepalm:"
VxBeacon-LightsxV's avatar
And then she got hooked and the cakes fell to the floor

The end GG NO RE
diegomolina's avatar
lo mas bonito para pensar en la traquilidad postre
Cre8iveWing's avatar
~Celestia is in cake harmony. o3o Birthday Cake <333
zenitraMsj's avatar
Beware, The Cake Is A Lie!
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quick Luna, tell her it's low fat X3
Never enough Overwatch! The Sun embraces you!
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Gaze into the Sun~ XD
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