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Twilight Fly

Rainbow, why did you slow doAAAAAAAAAH
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"Dread it. Run from it. The shell arrives all the same."

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I can't tell you how long it took me to figure out how that thing works

Mario: Uh oh. Blue Shell!

Luigi: Hey Blue Shell! There a 1st Place Racer in front of us!

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Twilight teleport before be hit and the blue shell hit the montal

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Voice 1: Another Blue Spiny Shell, dang.
Voice 2: Hey, Is that a comet?
Voice 3: What? *Explosion* Oh!!! *A purple thing fell from the explosion*
Voice 2: Ooh! A Shooting Star, Make a Wish!
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dick move Dashie dick move.
but still funny
If you use a boost at the right moment you can dodge it.
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Which one of you threw the blue shell at her.
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*looks around awkwardly, then raises her hand*
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*looks at Twilight in the sky and raises hand* I helped...
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Twilight, bandit on your six! Break! BREAK!!
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the most feared item in all the universe...
i mean, if you use a star when that thing starts chasing you it starts orbiting you until the star's effect fades, that freaking thing waits what it takes to kill you
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:blueshell: {be afraid twilight. be VERY afraid.
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I know how you feel twilight!
Every time I play Mario Cart DS I get hit by on average 4 of these every race. EVERY race.
And still win hue
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This is REALLY funny when you sit and think about it :)
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Gandalf: Fly you fools!
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used to play mario kart ALL THE TIME. I used to call those things "angels of death".
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very acurate😆
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This won't end well. :o
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