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The Last Of Buns

Slightly different version 
Couldn't decide which to upload, so uploaded both
That's probably the last lewd piece on this account
She doesn't even need bunny ears

Other buns:
Other buns:
Sun Bun
Moon Bun
Love Bun
Book Bun
Midnight Bun
Ashen Bun
Night Bun
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I remember seeing this in the works with your stream, and I was very excited to see the end product.
Seriously Underpable, part of me is saddened that you say
and I quote
"That's probably the last lewd piece on this account" because while I still call it Erotica or in this case "modest nude" compared to lewd, there's always been something about your sexy anthro's that always attracted me. I don't know if it's just your style, the anatomy, their expressions or a combo of all of them, but your anthro's have always been very unique and appealing to me.
And I've seen many anthro's.

That said, I couldn't think of a more worthy send off to the bun series. Chrysalis in all of her sexy beauty, saying "to hell with it" with the traditional bunny suit and just wearing the ears, tail and corset.
There's just something about her wicked expression combined with the way she covers her breasts and sex so simply and casually. Just like with the daybreaker one, the first thing that pops out is how well you performed the squishing of her breasts. It's so simple yet appealing in a way, even the way her fingers push into her flesh, simple yet gives away how much more lustful her character is. Yet again, not completely inhuman... in-equine? with how she has a little blush despite her wicked and confident expression.

I remember how you were struggling to figure out how to make her bunny suit stand out when 75% of it is missing. So I find it very clever how you made the texture of her corset insect like. The earrings on her ear seem a little... strange, but hey, I won't judge.
Far more acceptable than nipple piercings

And other than those features that truly stand out, what else is there really to say about this? The shading has always been something you're great at, the coloring and textures even when at the lowest degree of effort (see tail compared to pelvis) and your understanding of shadows is all very appealing to look at alone. And how can we deny that the anatomy is just... MMMMMMM, wonderful.

If there's one thing I could possibly criticize, it's the neck. Necks with anthro's has always been something I've seen you somewhat struggle with and sadly this piece shows why. Her neck seems very skinny and the way it connects to the bottom of her skull seems very flat with a lack of definitive shading. It doesn't really detract from this piece, but it's something to consider.
My favorite part of Chrysalis apart from her Voluptuous form and wicked gaze is actually her mane.
Yes, Sweetie Belle, give the quote…
It's so smooth, shaded so well, and the curls are just so adorable! Perfectly contrasting her personality, much like the bunny tail. But of course, it ends in blade like tips, which is a perfect contrast to the otherwise innocent and cute hairstyle.

In conclusion, a perfect send off to what could easily be my favorite of your series drawings. And while you don't seem to have plans to do anymore of it, I can only hope you'll get another spark of creativity for some sexy Bug Queen or other Anthro characters.
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Dominate me now my love

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Chrysallis: Don't struggle and give me lots of LOVE

Random Pony: Halp...
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TOTALLY PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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dats a noice bun
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Nevermind, I surrender...
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Hah, Bugs bunny I get it
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You are a bloody genius. Here, this is your medal that weights 1 ton.
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Is this the only actual nude on your account? 
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I'm honestly not sure which of the versions are better??? I like the alternate version because of the perspective but I like this version because of the composition... dAMMIT. I CAN'T MAKE UP MY mIND
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What is art?

This is art.
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ya'll should make waifu pillows....
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easter transformation...!
let us see if the cotton-tail-transf. was a success too!
More like the best of them.
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Cease this thottery
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She is so beautiful! I am lez for the queen OwO I watched some of it couldn't comment so I'm saying it now....THAT MUSIC WENT SO WELL!
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she is really beautiful Love 
amazing work underpable
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And I like it :P
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Oh sweet celestia...! Heart Heart  I love almost everything about this! My only complain: the horn looks way to 2 dimensional. Everything else is just fine! 
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