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The Ghost Of 52

Apparently I can't draw smoke -_-
Puppysmiles by Underpable

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it still looks really well made ^^

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Склеила на основе этой картинки игровую карточку для "берсерка" x))… 
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This is her. This is Puppy. Adorable, innocent, but will kill you in seconds if you dare pierce her radsuit. I can hear it now;

"Hi! I'm Puppysmiles! Have you seen my mom?!"
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"Are you my mummy?: Not all that different, really.
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Wow. I'm shocked. This is truly amazing.
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This as awesome! There's not enough good Puppysmiles fanart. I like the look of absolute delight on her face (what's left of her face).
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Hah Pretty great looking Puppy there. That's gotta be one of the best depictions of her in that wounded kill-everything-around-you-with-pink-cloud-while-regenerating state. There's a nice eerie feel to puppy being covered mostly by the smoke, really makes her look like a ghost.

The shading looks pretty solid and the smoke effects do their job well... though the smoke bursting from the knee looks a bit better than the rest. I'd say it's mostly due to the fact that you can't make out individual brush strokes, while with rest of the smoke they are pretty obvious. Playing more with colours and shadows might have benefitted this kinda drawing by giving it more atmosphere there are some glow effects on the suit but that could have been used to more effect. And as a minor thing, the broken helmet gets a obfuscated around Puppysmiles face and I dunno... Getting it to look a bit more glassy I guess? It looks solid but again it might have been used more dramatically.
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I just kinda got bored on the stage on which I drew smoke
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i need to actually read this.
astounding. she is scary AND somehow cute at the same time!
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So very true, it's impossible not to make Puppy cute though, I honestly dare anyone to try, it can't be done.

Puppy can be cute, even if she were about to shoot me, she's to cute not to be cute, and that's just how life is.

Pink Eyes is the best outside of the orignal (IMO), and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

I thank you beyond compare for having made such an amazing tale.

And I thank anyone whose made art of the Ghost of 52, or any of her friends.

Now that I think of it, I don't think there's anything of Molten Gold out there, I'll go on a hunt later.

But now I'm rambling, the point I'm trying to say is.

Thank you for Puppysmiles, and the whole of Route 52, and thank the artiest for drawing this awesome piece.
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creeepy but i love it
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Nightmare fuel. Nightmare fuel never changes...
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Very cool mist effects. Almost reminds me of the Marvel Villain Mysterio.
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I'd still hug it...
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That's not a very good idea if want your face not to melt off
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I pity the raider that shot Puppy all up. That poor fool is going to have a bad day.
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really insanely creepy.
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Блин, Паппи криповата тут)
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Ooh, I didn't see this continuation coming! :) Very nice, the eye and expression especially add to it!
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