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That Party Was a Blast

Party artillery, YEAAAH!

Pinkie got this idea from a dream. *wink* *wink*
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Luna used Twilight body shield
It's super affective
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luna use twilight to protect
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Celestia's face!
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She looks TRAUMATIZED by it!

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Luna: In your face, sis!
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Oh no pinkie messed up
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Funniest Ever!😂
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Damn that party should be the most funny of all times in Celestia's life. 

Well done!!!
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when in reality u would probs get more from workin at a corner shop...beg u shut up.
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Luna doesn't know what an April fools is.
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something tells me Luna was in on it XD
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Celestia's face is priceless! :XD:

My favorite alicorn princess. Celestia can have cake 
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why are the horses like that
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...does Firebrand know they stole the Party Howitzer?
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they didnt steal it ... they just permanently borrowed it :D
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screwball idea, huh? xD
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