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Ah can explain
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aw. don't be scared AJ. we all have our bad habits.
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uhh i can explain *rides of on tricycle with lollipop*.
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That is totally me (apple jack )   XD
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: "Well, there's one piece of evidence in favor of Pinkie being part of the Apple clan..."
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Pinkie pie (i win) plz "Uh duh Twilight! Hey are those sugarcubes!? Mine!" -Glomp's Applejack-
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Well that might explain why she mentions them almost in any comment she makes.
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:iconapplebloomplz: errrrrrr......
:iconapplejackisdizzyplz: HEY THERE SUGARCUBE!!!!
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:iconapplebloomplz: Stop it, sis'!
:iconapplejackisdizzyplz: But they are so delicious... sugarcube!
:iconapplebloomwtfplz: Ok, time to run!
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Why does this remind me of Jappleack?
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applejack:mm?! applebloom:O.O
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Внатуре афигеть
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H-hey t-there sugarcube watcha d-doin?
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sugar cubes not even once
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"um ah curn explrn"
gwalla's avatar she snorting them? :ohnoes:
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AJ: "Wait, I can explain!!"
AB: "Walking away now."
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Soon afterward, an intervention for Applejack was held. Applejack confessed her addiction to sugar cubes and promised to lay off them for a while. Her friends helped, of course. Especially Pinkie pie, who ate all of her sugar cubes to help Applejack keep her promise. But, Pinkie became addicted to sugar cubes herself. She went on a sugar spree all around Ponyville eating everypony's sugar cubes. Eventually, a fight between Pinkie and Applejack erupted over the sugar cubes. No one tried to stop them as they were all tired of the mess by then.
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