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This is amazing! The colors and shading add a hint of anger and darkness. The lighting is perfectly added, the character seems to have a hatred for the other character and I love how you designed the room that they are in. The clothing on the guard is nice and simple. No flashy, clunky armor and heavy, metal weapons that most cartoon guards use. One thing I dislike though is the fact that she looks like she is sad and depressed and wants to die. Other than that, this work is absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work and I expect more like this in the future
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Peeping Tom? I'm​not familiar with this Vigor. Which game is it from?
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unnecessary response: it comes from bioshock infinite, from the DLC burial at sea.
DarrolLayman2015's avatar
Ah, gotcha. I played Infinite's vanilla campaign every way I could and not once seen that vigor. It'd only make sense that it's from the DLC.
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Peeping toms main purpose was to PEEP to a woman from the other side of the room while she is doing something, well, private. I am disappointed that this drawing had nothing to do anything with that I just said, but what evs.  
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REBEL GUARD: "So... Where's the Spy?"

BONBON: "Right behind you." ((Snap of butterfly knife opening))

Medley of stabbing sounds and screams

BONBON picks up a picture of LYRA that has fallen out of the INTELLIGENCE BRIEFCASE.

BONBON: "Ah... Ma petit bain de bouche!"
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"Somebody call for an exterminator?"
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I really like this art. I think on the show, her ability is to blend in with the crowd and not be noticed for who she really is.
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Agent Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon for best Elizabeth 2k16
FuturitsicCrystal's avatar
This reminds me of TF2. When the spy kills you, he comes out of his invisibility cloak. It looks like this. :3
Twilicaneislife's avatar
I thought the exact same thing!
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Ohhhh is so sad :( (Sad) :( (Sad) :( (Sad) 
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Вижу тебя очень сильно вдохновил Биошок) 
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ghostly   type of image good to see October.
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When Agent Sweetie Drops said she wanted to go out without being seen, I didn't think she meant like this.
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agent sweetie drops knows much skillz.
Ep0nym0us's avatar
Love your invis concept.
4you90's avatar
Now I call it "Sweetie Drops: Blacklist" )
Now, where are the glasses?
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Looks really interesting, nice job.
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bonbon looked invisible. 
Geovenox's avatar
No shit, really?
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Oh wow.

Well played, man, well played indeed!

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