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dat booty not safe for woona lol

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the names evelyn. evelyn wolf. lol srry bon im quirky.
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i consider the whole agency  thing to be cannon
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Bon Bon Bon? her name is Bon Bon Bon? (JK btw)
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She works for the secret agency C.A.K.E.
Counter Any K*CLASSIFIED*m in Equestria
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *0*
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Life is harsh without good pony butt.
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I love how this randomly came into the show one day when people was watching it........................................................................
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Sweetie Drops And The Agents Of S.M.I.L.E.

S.M.I.L.E. - Stopping Monsters In the Land of Equestria
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I think pinkie pie is in that agency too
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Heroic Agency for the Mainteniance of the Multiverse and Emergency Rescues.
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I read in a magazine somewhere that bon bon was another word (phrase?) for but.
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Isn't BonBon the french word for candy? o3o
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Yes, it is. The "but" definition is likely a slang version of the word.
secret agent pony
secret agent pony
they've given you a number
and taken away your mane!
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The fan name was Bon Bon to start...
Bon... Bond...
Sorry, Larson. I didn't mean it.
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Hmm, did not think of it that way. Interesting...
Herp-Teh-MUFFINZ's avatar
I can't help but read that with a french accent for some weird reason.
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