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90'S kids problem XD
thejfklives's avatar
Sorry. Meant to type this a while ago but got really busy. I absolutely love this. To be perfectly honest this is probably the best commission I have gotten of my OC to date. Thank you so much!! :)
Lunadreaming's avatar
ah the nostalgia the anger at ruining yet another cassette because you stereo hated you and pulled to tape out.
PanzerZodiark's avatar
Hated doing that.
Homicidalmary's avatar
omg cassette! great draw! ah.. old times...
xn-d's avatar
Не все поймут, да.
Stuntpony's avatar
It happened surprisingly rarely when I was younger. Guess I had higher quality equipment. In Russia, yeah... X)
BeeTrue's avatar
That concentration on his face is brilliant XD
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Pencil x MG = OTP 
suntwilig's avatar
looks great as he repaired his cassette!
Kyoshyu's avatar
...I have done this so many times...
KeylesArt's avatar
Haha. The facial expression. Awesome.
TheSleepyDrizzle's avatar
Особый прикол был держать не кассету, а ручку, и перематывать ленту, раскручивая всю конструкцию)
Mokey1980s's avatar
Daww, and I love the old cassette tapes =)
LordSleeper's avatar
Same here, they had a charm digital music could never hope to achieve!...but no, I wouldn't give up the convenience of the digital formats!
Also, referring to the "B-side" as the second or later part of something goes way over the head of the kids today!
Mokey1980s's avatar
I agree, on both accounts that is =P
matmax426's avatar
hunterN05's avatar
Awesome job on this, looks great, as always dude :la:
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