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Bullseye! Gotcha flank in my sights!
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Nicely done! I'm laughing because everybody else is commenting about James Bond... and as soon as I saw this, I could hear the theme music in my head. :thumbsup: :)
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Heh heh, nice! ^_^

.... And now I suddenly find myself wondering what a rather sexist pony would look for when ogling others. You know, because James Bond.
templar127's avatar
Oh yus! Shei's on  point on dat flank! ;)
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That is a most unfortunate cutie mark... 
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I like the design of that pony :)
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Double O hoof!
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*Whistles the Pierce Brosnen era James Bond theme music*
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when i clicked on this i thought it was gonna be a kinky picture *thank me it wasn't* then i took a look at the name and im like *those damn boots made me think that this was something else xD *
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“I’m Honey Trotter, and you are”

Brony, James Brony”
TroopCaptain97's avatar
My kinda art! LOL :D
Gamestar-Drix's avatar
Awesome work especially love how you drew Aimmy's boots and Dimitri's stance :>

Gift for :iconrockarboom:
Rockarboom's avatar
Wow thank you again. So cool!
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This made me think way to much of 007................................and I'm fine with this.
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