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Royal Manners

:icondolancelestiaplz: My sundae is better than yours, damn right, much better than yours.
:iconlunakiddingmeplz: You eat like a pig.
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the 'cookie monster' of deserts.

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Hi i have a question what kind of ice cream flavors was princess celestia eating :-?

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Poor Luna  (Бедная Луна) :D
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celestia im dissapointed in you. your the oldest and even even luna doesnt eat that sloppy.
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Uh, hope that banana doesn't bring on implications
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:iconcelestiawtfplz: what!? thats how the modern fillies eats their food now, the face goes first!
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lol looks like Celestia just smashed her muzzle in the bowl XD
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lol i was having similar thoughts xD
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What means "СВИНОТА"?
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wtf... :XD: Did Tia ordered a paintball-grenade?
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Luna knows Russian?

Well, why not?
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The Russian dub of the show. It's not very good.
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And that's where Twilight learned how to eat.
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Ice cream? *takes ice cream* Yep, Celestia's is better.
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